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December 27, 2013

Fort Worth mayor pitches bike path to Dallas

PriceFort Worth Mayor Betsy Price has done more to raise cycling awareness than any North Texas political figure in recent memory. In this recent dispatch from the Star-Telegram's city hall reporter, Caty Hirst, her honor talks about a desire to connect Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas with bike trails.



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Charles Glasgow

Let's build it right. Make it an elevated path with steps for walk up with bicycles instead of entrance ramps except at begining and end. Don't let vehicle traffic hold us back. In fact, let's do this nationwide. Covered would be nice.

Charles Glasgow

I was driving from Grapevine to Euless one morning on the way back from McDonalds on Glade and just as a green light changed, blocked by traffic to my left a bicycle comes zooming across in the cross walk right in front of me as I was accelerating. It is IMPORTANT that parents teach their children to obey the rules of the road and convince the Red Cross to change their instruction to ride against traffic. I understand why they do this so as to make it easier for oncoming drivers to negotiate a point in front of them instead of a slower moving vehicle(bicycle) in front of them. It is but for the Grace of God that I don't have a manslaughter charge on my driving record. Yes,Lord, a safe bicycle path as soon as possible. Bicycles, Motorcycles, and cars/trucks don't mix.

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