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December 05, 2013

Ice is here - Roads already slick in Fort Worth area - trains and buses still rollin'

StormimpactsThe winter storm is arriving a few hours early, and at 4:30 p.m. Thursday a steady stream of freezing rain pellets was falling in far north Fort Worth. A thick, slick coating of ice appears likely to greet us in the morning, and area residents should brace for nasty roads and school closures. (Yayyy!)

Keep checking the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for the latest specifics about your roads, and your schools.

For those who ride public transportation or the Trinity Railway Express, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority advises that as it stands now all services are expecting to stick to a regular schedule tomorrow. TRE is using heaters to keep track switches and other important components functioning in sub-freezing temperatures, T spokeswoman Joan Hunter says.

The T is also revving up sanding trucks, to use on T bus routes, and also is making plans to use detours in certain areas if necessary.

Nonetheless, riders should be prepared for minor delays, just in case things are crawling in the mornin'.




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