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January 23, 2014

High-speed rail to Houston, Dallas, Arlington & Fort Worth will follow I-30 corridor


As high-speed rail advocates get more serious about connecting Houston, Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth with 220-mph bullet trains, it is becoming more clear that the preferred route in North Texas is along the I-30 corridor.

 Also, for our Fort Worth audience, here's a little nugget for ya: The state is about to create a new high-speed rail commission to oversee implementation of this futuristic concept, possibly by 2021, and former Fort Worth Councilman Bill Meadows is being pegged as the chairman.


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I am against any government expense which requires tax dollars. The state government is as bad as the federal government about spending. We can't spend ourselves into prosperity. Keynes was a fool and a socialist, and the republicans seem to think he was a god like the liberals. I was a republican, but have become an independent because of this type of "leadership".


What will Rick Perry and the tea bag republiCONs dream up next. Not using my hard earned tax dollars for some rightwing boondoggle crazy train to nowhere...especially one which will only be afforded by the 1%. We the 99% are going to rise up against the republican run Texas and their bullet train pipe dreams and stop this project and all others just like it.

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