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What really happened at Cenikor? Abuse, kissing and redaction

This week Watchdog is taking a moment to single out the Texas Department of State Health Services for its work in protecting patient privacy.
In the name of patient privacy, the department deleted a thing or two (meaning everything) about a substance abuse facility, Cenikor Foundation of Deer Park, when we asked for documents about a report of patient abuse there.
In fact, officials got out their black pen and went Richard Nixon on a "notice of violation" against the facility -- they blacked out large chunks of information in the name of patient privacy.
Kiss We blow you a metaphorical kiss, health department, for your stand for the patient.

Alas, the Texas Attorney General decided that the health department hadn't really been protecting patient privacy and that some information was, in fact, "not highly intimate or embarassing" -- at least, not to any patient.

The accusation was that a Cenikor business manager kissed a client on the cheek and hugged her after he had been warned about maintaining professionalism. The conduct supposedly went on from August 2008 to April 2009. 
The state health department had withheld those details.

The facility was told about the business manager's conduct on April 9 but didn't report the frisky business until April 22. The attorneys at the Texas Department of State Health Services apparently decided that the unnamed, unidentified patient would be deeply embarrassed and forever traumatized if word of the allegation got out.
-- Darren Barbee


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That's ridiculous. Our counselors in the nursing home I worked for warned us never to do that though. It's pretty bad when you can't help emotionally support a patient with a kiss on the cheek or a supportive hug when they get bad news. I guess that's how you maintain professionalism and avoid lawsuits though.

Cenikor is an absolutely absurd program. There is no alcohol or drug treatment. It is a behavioral modification program entirely ran by other residents. When they say peer driven community thats what they mean.

I was in cenikor and I agree its a complete joke. Only reason I managed to stay was cause I was court ordered. Its NOT a drug and alcohol rehab, its a behavior modification program. I was there at this time when this innocident happened. If your in trouble they make you get on your knees all day scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush saying the stupid ass cenikor pholopisy they have. For 16 HOURS A DAY FOR HOWEVER MANY DAYS THEY WANT TO GIVE YOU! When the state came to that place the staff ran around the facility telling everybody to get up and don't worry about your punishment anymore. That place is a joke and I highly recommend if you have issues like many people in this world, DON'T GO THERE. THEY FEED YOU BULLSHIT THAT MAKES THEM HAPPY AND YOU MIRSABLE! Please feel free to e-mail me if you want to know what all happens there

i agree, i was at cenikor in ft.woth for 6 months. it is a horrible place, more like a work camp than a drug and alcohol rehab. DO NOT EVER GO THERE!

So, are you guys that think it is a joke clean and sober today?

i also was in cenikor for 6 months in deer park. this place is a hell hole. roachs and rats on the food, the staff is crap.its more of a staff agency than anything. they dont give a crap about the clients just about the money. i did make some good friendships with other clients but thats the only good i got out of the place. i warne you, do not go are send your family there.its full of fraud and if the governtment ever showed up it would be shut down in a heart beat. and to the lat person,yes i am still sober. not cause of cenikor but through myself and support system.

I was at the Deerpark facility in 98 and I still have nightmares about the place. As one poster stated, it is a staffing agency, not a rehab. One of the managers was sleeping with a resident, the woman who was supposed to be over all of the women, was sleeping with a married resident and got fired for smoking crack, people were having sex in the walk in coolers in the kitchen, people were doing drugs and stealing money and the list goes on. One of the residents had a very wealthy family who's "donations" made the staff look the other way when he broke the rules. He died of an overdose shortly after he left. If you aren't court ordered, go to AA instead of Cenikor.

I am a Cenikor graduate and I feel that my life was saved by Cenikor. I feel that the people that say negative things are the people who were not strong enough to finish the program. Cenikor is not perfect but we don't live in a perfect world either. Thank you Cenikor for serving a great community need.

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