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African Americans endured noose, racist remarks at Texas company, feds say

As if working at a San Antonio foundry wasn’t enough of a grind, black employees were subjected to vile racist treatment, according to a federal agency’s lawsuit. 

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says in a lawsuit that African-American employees at AA Foundries routinely experienced racial harassment from its superintendent.  

The harassment included intimidation, insults and ridicule, such as a hanging noose and racially offensive pictures, posters and other types of literature," the EEOC said.  AA Foundries superintendent frequently used the “N” word and “boy” when addressing or talking about black employees, according to the agency.

“What happened to these workers was disgraceful and illegal,” said EEOC senior trial attorney Eduardo Juarez of the EEOC San Antonio Field Office.  “Rather than taking steps to stop the harassment, the company’s officials simply shrugged their shoulders and allowed the conduct to continue.  Employers have a responsibility to prevent racial harassment in their workplace.” AA Foundries is a San Antonio manufacturer of ferrous castings and producer of foundry mold machines. 

-- Darren Barbee


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Texas is a semi literate cactus republic where anything will be tolerated as long as it is excused by the "free market" or as "God's will". Racism such as this is shameful, and Americans can expect this attitude to infect Washington if Perry is elected.


Are we not over that Part of history that was wrong in this country?
AA Foundries, grow up and realize, the people of color you belittled are who made you profits. What a bunch of ignorant stupid white people (Trailor Trash)

What the hell is this! This company should be shut down! Black employees had to endure a hanging noose......WOW! AA Foundries in San Antonio, you are on my list.

Unfortunately, we will never be rid of racism. This is the reason so many people are unhappy with President Obama although no one will admit it. If President Obama were white there would be complaining about him only from the republicans.

white people helped free the slaves and also came up with welfare to take care of the lazy ones. Don't blame white people for your problems. When did you see any black people creating programs to help the blacks do anything except sue someone?

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