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In Texas, food stamps for the dead, scofflaws, cost taxpayers $500,000 a month

It’s a fact of the human condition: evey one needs to eat.

Food stampIn government circles, that apparently includes the living dead. Zombie_crossing_page

A recent audit of the Food Stamp Program in Texas (now called the Food and Nutrition Service’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) found that as of December 2010 lots of people getting food benefits had, in fact, shuffled off this mortal coil. 

The audit by the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector general found that of the 3,551,581 average monthly food stamp participants in Texas, 4,096 (.12 percent) were:

* Deceased, as in dead

* Using a deceased individual’s SSN

* Receiving duplicate benefits in Texas 

* Receiving benefits simultaneously from one of five nearby states

* Or were listed as previously disqualified from receiving benefits.

In all, the participants whose questionable eligibility should have been reviewed received approximately $523,551 in benefits each month.  

The most expensive group, again, was the zombie clientele: 2,405 beneficiaries identified on the government's Death Master File ate up $307,407 per month.

-- Darren Barbee





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Ooh, a tenth of one percent. Better shut down the program.

So people alive are frauding the system by still collecting the money from the dead? And if that is the case, the state has no way to check this before having to wait until there was an audit that waste money? I think we rely to much on the honor system hoping people will tell the government someone is dead and no longer need to send the benefits. The government has access to all of this information and can check themselves without needing someone to tell them.


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