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Texas arts, education agencies take biggest employment hits

The State Auditor's Office is out with a new report looking at the number of full-time state employees for the first quarter of this fiscal year. Looks like nearly every agency took a hit - but the pain wasn't equally shared. Most saw a few percentage points drop in the number of employees compared with the same quarter a year earlier. The governor's office was down almost 4 percent; the Comptroller's and Secretary of State's offices around 6 percent. But the Commission on Arts dropped by more than 40 percent; the Texas Education Agency was down almost 36 percent; the Legislative Counsel was down about 27 percent. Agencies that increased employment include the Department of Motor Vehicles, up about 24 percent; and the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner, up 14 percent. Among state universities, employment at the UT-Dallas campus rose almost 11 percent, while employment at UT-Arlington dropped a 10th of a percent. Take note, the auditor says, that the numbers were self-reported and weren't checked for accuracy. 


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