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Texas city is gunning to lower its tax revenues

Hico lays claim to the frontier outlaw Billy the Kid, Billy_the_Kid_who had a price put on his head after what's known as the Lincoln County war.

Now Hico may be starting a county war of its own. It's heading to a May 31 showdown over tax assessments. 

If the town wins, it will get less tax money.

Town officials say that the Hamilton County Appraisal District has put too high a price on properties, squeezing citizens and killing the real estate market. Sales prices are near what the appraisal district has said, it contends. The Hico posse City Council has called a special meeting May 31 about the issue, and may file a legal challenge to provide relief for property owners.

Facing off may be Chief Appraiser Doyle Roberts. He's said the sale prices the town cites are foreclosures and they can't be considered during the appraisal process.

Stay tuned.  


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