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Texas hospital's equipment broken, bloodied; medical supplies 15 years too old

BloodA Texas surgery center left dried blood on an aspirator -- a device used to remove fluid from a body cavity -- and had a surgeon who performed a bone graft without credentials on file, broken hospital equipment and medical supplies that expired while Bill Clinton still was in his first term.

A state inspection of Orange Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center in McAllen escaped losing its license despite its bungled record keeping, dust in the operarting room and injecting a patient with a medical supply past its use-by date, according to state documents.

The center, among other problems, didn’t have a working sterilizer unit, leading it to Generic medical picture
sterilize instruments at a local hospital, according to a notice of violation by Texas Department of State Health Services.

The State conducted an inspection in September 2010 and also found, among other expired medical supplies:

--A patient had an expired gel implant injected in his or her face.

-- An arterial blood gas kit should have been tossed in August 1995.

--Five packets of lubricating jelly expired February 2002.

--Temperature sensors expired in February 2006.

-- Nearly a dozen spinal needs expired in July 2006.

The health department warned it could revoke the center’s license, but instead imposed a probated suspended of its license for 24 months. That means the suspension won’t be enforced as long as conditions of probation are met.

Linda Moncada, administrator for the surgery center, Heartsaid files for doctors' credentials now contain correct information, such as for the physician who performed the bone graft. She said that the hospital is now vigilant in addressing expired medical supplies. And it has corrected other mistakes.

“We went before the sate and showed that we had corrected deficiencies and we’re fine,” she said, adding that the center is “very safe.”

-- Darren Barbee


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It is really to sad to know, that expired medicines/equipments are still used by some doctors. There should be a system who have privilege to judge them so that mistakes can be detected at the initial phase.

Due to the widespread interest in natural medicine along with the disappointment and disenchantment with Western medicine, many people, especially in the United States and Europe, where conventional medicine has taken a dominant foothold,

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