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March 30, 2008


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Kathy Jackson

Tarrant County Senate District 10 Cacus
People who complained about the long delays and were frustrated with the length of the cacus; all I have to say to you is why did you not volunteer before March 29th. Why did you not go to the Democratic Party Office and volunteer. Why did you not go to your Candidates office and volunteer. Why did you not go online or have someone go on line and get the answers prior to March 29th. If you could not get the answer the first time you called, why not call again and agian untill you got the answer. Some of the questions and complaints that were asked of madam chair assisted in the delay of were rediculas. The answers were given at training and online. Some of the questions like when can I go home and feed my pit bulls were rediculas. Our precinct cacus was challenged at local level prior to the March 29th and our County Sencate district cacus was challenged again. Our pricint captains were educated in the pprocess and it was handled. Yes it was along day and Senate was not handled in the fastest manor. But as the Madam Chair explained how many volunteered? People are only able to type so fast and a computer can only calculate as fast as data is put in. Did you volunteer for the nominating Committee, credentails, challenge committee, the sign in committee, the decorating, committee or Did you just at your candidates committee. Thats were the ball was dropped. I was there at 5:30 am - 3:30 am 22 hours how many of you were there even 12 hours. I applauded all of us the very few that were there to volunteer at the loacal and county level and applaude those of us willing to go on to volunteer at the state and national level. Thanks You.
Kathy Jackson

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