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March 31, 2008


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Bob Savino

As this primary season unfolds, I am incrementally more repulsed with each day by the actions and tactics of the Clinton organization. Will the electorate realize that this woman is driven by nothing more than raw ambition and powerlust? Her smug, condescending offer of the Vice-Presidency to Sen. Obama was the ultimate in gall. Hiding behind the politician's 5th amendment, the "misspeak", she expects us to absolve her of the ill-advised comment (read that, lie) about her trip to Bosnia as First Lady. The Clintons are well known for parsing speech and ambiguity. Can we expect any better from her if (God forbid) she were elected President? This country is in dire need of the substantive change that Sen. Obama represents - not a reprise of the Clinton regime with Bubba Bill pulling the strings on a reconstituted Goober Mafia from the West Wing. Do we REALLY want to see James Carville, Lanny Davis et al foisted upon us again? As much as the last thing I want is the 3rd George Bush term, I will gladly vote for war hero John McCain instead. Take Sen. Leahy's advice, Mrs. Clinton and bow out gracefully - while grace remains available.

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