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October 13, 2008


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Maureen Hagan

Therefore if the devil himself were running, but oppossed Roe vs. Wade, then Catholics should vote for him or her.
It is morally impermissible for the Catholic Church to remain irresponsible by forbiding birth control to those who need it and to refuse to combat the Aids virus through the use of condems.
It is morally impermissible to vote for candidates that will extend the Iraq war for 100 years if need be.
It is morally impermissible for the Catholic Church not to grant equality to women who wish to serve as priests.
It is also unacceptable that church denominations in a democracy feel that they can take a tax-exempt status to brain wash their congregations into believing that their personal decisions
and individual conscience is not a matter between them and their God but rather a decision to be made by a group of unmarried men who have not a clue about childbirth.


Guess the Bishop would love to know that Wendy Davis's campaign manager was the past political director for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.

Fred Bowen

Its wonderful to see that there are Bishops that have the courage to share the truth during this election season. Especially when the truth is so counter-cultural and is destined to draw much anger from the secular world. We are fortunate in Dallas and Fort Worth to have such great men of faith.

If as a culture, we could get this, the most paramount of issues correct, we would be in a much better place. If we can't defend life, especially for those who are literally defenseless, then what does that say about our ability to make other decisions.

"Silence only helps the oppressor" and these Bishops are having none of it... Thanks be to God!

Al Mitchell

Since churches are this involved in politics, it's time to remove their tax free status. The property tax alone would greatly ease the school and local government burden.


To Al Mitchell: The Church is not involved in politics to the extent that their tax exempt status should be removed. The Church does NOT tell members who they should vote for only what issues are non-negotiable for Catholics.

To Maureen Hagan: I think you need to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church before making statements like that. There are certain issues that are non-negotiable as far as the Church is concerned and the war isn't one of them. We can certainly disagree on whether or not we should be in Iraq but we CANNOT disagree on whether or not it's alright to murder over 1 million babies each year since 1973. By the way, no one "needs" to use artificial birth control; they "want" to use it. There is a perfectly acceptable option for those who feel God is not calling them to have more children. It's called Natural Family Planning. We've used it quite successfully since we got married over 12 years ago.

I agree 100% with the comments by Fred Bowen. We are truly blessed to have Bishop Vann here in Fort Worth and we should all pray for him each day.

Mike Bush

I applaud Bishops Vann and Farrell for clarifying and reemphasizing the importance of the life issue for Catholic voters in Fort Worth and Dallas. Most Catholics who will cast ballots over the next two weeks have no idea how truly radical Obama is when it comes to his reverence for abortion as a near-sacrament.

Most, for instance, don't know that the "safe, legal, and rare" clause that has been part of the Democrat Party platform for sixteen years was changed this year at Obama's insistence. The word "rare" was removed.

Even more are unaware that Obama has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, currently on hold in the House. That Act would rescind every law and restriction on abortion at the federal, state, and local level. In other words, voters in states who have ratified parental consent, for instance, would have their wills overturned by the stroke of Obama's pen. Partial-birth abortion would be back, as would the government-sanctioned infanticide of Live Birth abortion.

The most ghoulish abortion regime in modern history will be introduced by Barack Obama. The blood of the innocents will be on the hands of Catholics who vote for him.


The Bishops did not endorse a candidate. Due to recent confusion set forth by Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden regarding Catholic doctrine it was necessary for the Catholic Church to clarify the Church's position on the subject of abortion. Unlike what Pelosi thinks, this position has never and will never change. Also, compared with the more liberal churches that continuously speak out on political issues yet still some how sustain their tax exempt status, I hardly think that the Catholic church is in jeopardy of losing theirs. If you are Catholic, and support a candidate that endorses abortion, then you are not in communion with the Church and should refrain from holy communion at Mass……if you ever go.?
For all of you Protestants this might be hard to understand since if you don’t like what your Pastor says then you simply go to another congregation that thinks the way you do or interprets the bible the way you want it to be interpreted. For Catholics, we all share the same values and morals from one congregation to the other. If you find a Catholic Church that endorses abortion….then they are not truly Catholic and are not in communion with the Church. And unlike a majority of countries, a person can choose another faith if they don’t like Catholicism. Try switching from Muslim to Christianity in an Arab country…ouch!


It is amazing that in the middle of 2 wars, an economic crisis that threatens the entire global community, over 48 million uninsured Americans, a failing education system, and an energy crisis (among many other pressing issues) the Catholic church is INSTRUCTING parishioners to vote solely on the issue of abortion.

I believe that disregard for poverty, genocide, disease, children going hungry, and wrongful incarceration/capitol punishment are direct and intentional destructions of innocent human life - where are these issues on the list?

I have been a Catholic all my life, but this extreme and narrow instruction by the church is inappropriate and out of line. Why don't we focus on our society and the common good and I think we would find that not only would we come together as brothers and sisters but the number of abortions would drastically decrease as a direct result.

That is our call - to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Sometimes it is very difficult to remember, but nonetheless it is our job as Christians.


Ms. Hagan, you are mistaken if you think the devil would ever oppose Roe v. Wade. Why, that's his greatest triumph in this country! With it, he turns us against one another AND, more importantly, he destroys our future, our children. (Also, I am not brainwashed and I resent your suggestion that I am.)

That is why, MaryAnn, the Church instructs us about the TOP priorities. We are the sheep, the flock who must have guidance away from the devil and his enticements. The men who shepherd us do not do so out of arrogance (or at least, they shouldn't) but out of concern for our souls. They have a responsibility to inform us especially with something this vital.

We cannot ignore them if we wish to remain a part of the Body of Christ. We will have to face Almighty God one day (and so will they) and explain just why we decided that the economy, our money or whatever social issue, was more important than a child's life. After all, the poor we have always with us. We do our best to help them but we must still protect the unborn. They aren't telling us for WHOM to vote but WHAT to use as criterion for HOW to vote. That's their job.

We Catholics are not the only ones who realize the importance of these non-negotiable issues. Other pastors and denominations are also very concerned and determined to oppose the expansion of abortion. Our country is built on "God-given tenets." Life was what Mr. Jefferson listed first: "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." How can you have the rest without Life itself? I also applaud the Bishops for taking a public stand. They have the right to speak up and I'm glad they have done so.


I have been a Catholic my entire life. I love and support my church. However, in this crucial time, with war, Global Warming, pollution,and financial collapse threatening the very life of our country, I find it arogant for the church to announce from the pulpit the way we should vote. I am an American catholic, and will vote my conscience. I wish that the church would champion abolishment of capitol punishment, and
better care for the many abandoned, and abused children.

Lisa and David Fischer

Thank you Bishops Vann and Farrell!

When “Catholic” politicians distort the teaching of the Church, we must rely on our Bishops to teach the truth as the Church teaches it. As the Bishops and the Church provide the guidance on how best to bring our souls to salvation, Catholics would be wise to listen to their Bishops and follow the Church’s teachings.

In our society it is predictable that we will have Catholics that want the Church to conform to their own beliefs and desires, however the doctrine of the Church has not changed in 2,000 years, nor should it now.

Fort Worth and Dallas are fortunate to have two courageous men as our Bishops. Thank you and God bless you both!
God made man into His image and likeness and then man promptly returned the favor.
--Mark Twain
ox·y·mo·ron \ˌäk-sē-ˈmȯr-ˌän\ noun: Catholics for Choice

Eyes Wide Open

To any Catholic who thinks there are more "serious" issues for this election than abortion, I wonder what you would think if you turned on your TV this evenning to watch the 6:00 news and this was the lead story that the commentator was announcing:


Now honestly ask yourself how that would compare to the economic crisis, education, healthcare issues, and EVEN the war in Iraq?

Just because you don't care to acknowledge the crime, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I would GLADLY give up my job, my 401K, and any other worldly possession, AND go fight with the troops in IRAQ, if as a society we would stop the murdering of our fellow citizens/brothers/sisters/daughters/sons.

I will pray for your conversion of heart.

I had an abortion . . .

I agree with the Bishop.


Would this be the same Catholic Church that evidently doesn't feel the need to immediately get rid of Priests that continue to sexually abuse underage boys. Though shalt not have an abortion, but it's ok to have sexual relations with an altar boy! It is always convenient when we get to pick and choose our sins.

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