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October 03, 2008


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I'm more interested in the protest that took place outside the Fairmount today in Dallas when she showed up than in what took place inside. Besides, I can't imagine Joe Biden inviting her over to his VP residence to watch TV even if it were the Stanley Cup finals.

Samuel Moreno

We did not protest when your interventionist president went around the world into foreign countries. Yes, that is Bill Clinton, who went into more countries than any president in history. I proudly served my country in Bosnia and was glad to follow his direct orders. You need to learn to respect those serving and who leads them into dangerous places around the world. A protest is complete dishonor to the military!


It's funny the media is talking more about the protesters than the supporters. I was there and the protesters were weak and very outnumbered by supporters.


I love it... I am a huge Stars fan and I huge Palin fan!!! Way to go Mr. Hicks. As far as the protestors go, I agree it is a dishonor to our Military.


you dum little house on the prairie hillbilly texans are just plain stupid. next time you vote for a republican and the gas prices go up and you loose your jobs , don,t complain. people from texas are the strangest people i have ever met. face it obama and joe biden are here to stay. you dum rednecks won,t vote for obama because he is black. yes i know every redneck in texas that never voted in their life will vote now just because there is a black man running for president. so gidder done .


dc8: Nobody cares that Obama is black. It's the fact that he's an elitist fool that folks care about. But sadly, there are many blacks that will vote for him just *because* he's black, and that is equally racist and shameful.

"and the gas prices go up" .. gas prices have risen more sharply since the Democrats got back into the Senate. Keep that in mind.


Anyone could see from the news accounts that Palin supporters outnumbered Barack's protesters by 2 to 1.

dc8's offensive comments come as no surprise. We have all seen the arrogance and hatred coming from Barack supporters. I just hope he is right in that his comments will spur people to wake up and vote for that patriot, John McCain.


tee hee hee, Bob. You don't really think dc8 knows enough about Congress to KNOW the Dems control it, do you?

You are soooooo funny!


Go Bob Go!!

McCain/Palin 2008


hey redtexan you poor redneck. you just don,t get it. you would rather have four more years of the same crap. so keep on eating your gross food here in texas and get food poisining from the mexican imported food all of you eat here. when you go to the hospital to pay for your high medical bills call mccain and sara to see if they give a damm. proud to be from louisiana we hate texans.



Funny for you to call Texans "dum" and that we will "loose" our jobs.. Its hard to take this from someone who cant even spell? If this is the support for Obama I feel better that you may not be able to read the ballot and will probobly vote for wrong person.. Or at least you will use that as an excuse like you probobly did in 2000.. You must be from FL.


i wouldn,t be surprised if sara pallin has ties to the kkk, after making that remark about mr obama hanging around with people who would like to hurt our country. face it mr obama and joe biden will be our next leaders. lets get rid of the same old politics in washington. pallin would make a fine flight attendant for american airlines.


"A protest is complete dishonor to the military!"

Bull. Protesting a government policy, in this case a Bush policy, is showing legitimate opposition or disapproval. It is the democratic process and the American way and in no way should it be viewed as dishonoring the military. Would you rather the entire nation blindly follow our Dear Leader without thinking? What were you in the military fighting for if you are against freedom of expression and thought?

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