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February 26, 2009


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Few people contribute more to Texas and get less in return than teachers. Since they have received much less than similarly qualified people in the private sector, it is only just that they should be protected in their retirement. Bravo, Senator Hutchison! We will remember!


While I agree with this move I still cannot forgive Kay for destroying retirements and ignoring the voters with the bailout bill. Yes Kay, I remember!

LoCinda Hennerberg


That loud cheering sound you hear comes directly from me! Personally, I came to education late in life, having contributed to Social Security for several years. I have contributed to TRS and Social Security, in the belief that I was being responsible and saving for my retirement years. To be told I had to give up one or the other is not only unfair but an insult as well. I am thrilled that you have the courage to stand up and say "Enough!". You have my vote. May family and I (and my retirement accounts) thank you.

Kenneth D. franks

As a person that has met retirement requirements with T.R.S and worked in the private sector: nights, weekends, Summers, and 7 years I did not teach, why am I penalized for the extra effort to support my family. I applaud Senator Hutchison,and and also the Democratic effort: The Social Security Fairness Act. I have not had the opportunity to read her bill but hope there is success for an effort to stop penalizing citizens that have earned benefits and paid their share to both retirement programs.
Kenneth D. Franks

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