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February 27, 2009


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myra piland

I want to attend the next Tea Party.... i am an American and a Republican.
please let me know.


What a bunch of ignorant cretins ... they should have been chanting "Herbert Hoover 2012"

Are all Republikkkans economic illiterates?

S Watson

Good little Fascists


what a bunch of flaming idiots.

"less government is more". yea, tell that to the victims of hurricane katrina.

"i can't pay my bartab - send more stimulus". i'd rather send you a brain because comparing the stimulus to skipping out on a bartab is just so purile and idiotic that it makes my head explode. yet another candidate for an economics 101 class.

"so if you're irresponsible, incompetent, stupid, lazy, i'm forced to bail your out"... yea, especially if you're in the financial industry. i wonder where this genius was when president bush was doling out billions to the wall street fat cats who helped get us into this mess.

the guy with the liberalism is destroying free enterprise sign needs to get back to college and take economics 101, so he can learn exactly why "financial innovations" got us into this mess. but i guess it's easier to blame liberals. it takes less thinking.

"will china buy us bancruptcy?" that is the only one that's got a real question on it. the answer is probably yes, unfortunately, but that would happen regardless of who was president.

"200 yrs to build our republic - one month to destroy it". so illegal spying on americans, invading a country that never attacked us, structuring the tax system in this country to benefit the uber-rich, and bailing out the financial industry was ok, but bailing out regular home owning tax payers across the country who tried to do the right thing is what's destroying our country? *shakes head*

"big brother needs to be castrated". i wonder if he felt the same way about the illegal spying program put in place under president bus?

"obama bin lyin - no more pork". ah, once again the right wingers show their true colors by linking obama to bin laden. that's an extremist, racist viewpoint that the star-telegram should frankly be embarrassed for printing.


and furthermore, as an observer of the corporate media, it is extremely upsetting to see this coverage. quite frankly, when MILLIONS of people were in the streets protesting the policies of the bush administration, the corporate media acted like it couldn't have cared less. bush's approval rating had been tanking for a year and was in the mid 50s when americans took to the streets by the millions to protest the invasion of iraq. and the media yawned, barely mentioning it, and if they did, they treated it as if it was a curiosity.
now we have a president with approval ratings near 70% and the news media is treating every crank and idiot out there as if their viewpoints are newsworthy. we are in the midst of a serious financial crisis that is effecting every socio-economic class in this country except the uber rich, and these lunkheads are treating it like street theater. they need to grow up.
aman - i hope you will note that this is not a criticism of you personally, but the editorial policy of the star-telegram and every other media outlet who covered these pathetic "tea parties".
and if "myra" is any indication of the intellectual prowess of those who participated, i'd say maybe they don't need to go back to college. maybe they need to go back to grade school.


More misleading posts from anna. I too suggest you ask the peopel affected by Katrina about larger government. As a matter of fact here is their response;


You ask where these people were when Bush was doling out money? They were doing the same things, organizing, protesting and contacting their representatives in droves. Your -Obama = +Bush equation does not compute and is false.

You attack one person by saying that they ignore spying on Americans and pro war agendas. Again these were the people who openly opposed the war and patriot acts. Don't look now but YOUR president just sent more troops into Iraq and is aggressively defending the ability of the government to use warrantless wiretaps on you! So where's your spying and pro-war comment now?

To sit there and say that the media ignored any kind of protest against Bush is an outright lie! Bush was roasted in the media and rightfully so. Obama doesn't deserve any better. You say these people need an economic 101 class but you present no argument to support your side. Instead you only fling personal attacks at them. Anna here is your economics 101 class, study hard.

Aman has posted many a thing that I disagree with but I think he is pretty fair.


Why don't some of you yokels present an actual argument to support your views? I guess hurling an insult is easier than having to actually think.


I think that Annotopia needs to take a look back to history. When the government gets involved, things tend to get far worse rather than better. And just so you know, the signs such as "I can't pay my bar tab, send stimulus" are satirizing how the stimulus is spent on anything and everything. And most of us disagreed just as much with the Bush bank bailout, we just never thought it'd continue. Liberals are destroying free enterprise with excessive regulations and the subsidization of businesses that should simply go bankrupt and reorganize. If that continues, businesses will continue to go and be irresponsible with the money they earn and then get a chunk of taxpayer money. So called illegal spying on Americans is bull. The only people that were spied on were suspected terrorists, who are the people that need to be spied on. Iraq may not have invaded us, but they DID have WMDs (They used them on Iran in the 1980s and the Kurds during the same period, so they did have them), they abused their people, and are against Israel, one of our strongest Middle Eastern allies. The tax system does NOT benefit the uber-rich. In 2006, the latest year tax statistics are available for, the top 5% paid over 60% of all taxes, while they only make 30% of the income, and also contribute about that much input into the economy, as well as providing most of the jobs. Raising their taxes will cause them to cut jobs to stay profitable. Bailing out the financial industry was not ok, and bailing out people who bought homes they could not afford is not either. And while I do not personally agree with the "Obama bin Lyin" characterization, he has lied repeatedly and the message is carried across very strongly. And anti-war protests were mentioned by every news organ. I do not know where you were that you missed this. Our protests are not that major. I was at this protest, and when only 2 news organs show up out of all the ones in the area that shows you how little coverage we are receiving. These tea parties are not pathetic, they are a response by fiscal conservatives at the misuse of taxpayer money. And why did Myra do that you are insulting here? She simply said she wanted to attend the next tea party. Many intelligent people take the same stance. Conservatives are not ignorant. We have some people who are ignorant, but that is the exception rather than the rule. The Obama supporter that showed up is a very good example of the majority of his supporters though. He clearly supported Obama on the fact that he is African-American, and he thinks that African-Americans are so oppressed and that they needed Obamas help. I know many well-off African-Americans though, and all they had to do was work their way up like the rest of us. The Obama supporter proceeded to shout many obsceneties at us and gave us the middle finger, despite the fact that their were very young children in the group with their parents. He even acknowledged that fact before he said many inappropiate words and made inappropriate gestures. He accused us of racism, saying that we were just mad that a black man was in office, and when the police came because of complaints regarding his use of the middle finger his friend said "its becaue hes black". Race is not the issue. If Clarence Thomas was running for president I would support him in a hearbeat. The fact is that myself and other conservative simply do not agree with the policies of the Democrats. And to Bellcord, there was not one person I saw at the protest that was under the influence of alcohol. We were all sober.


Sad to see how much in denial these people really are. The verdict has already been in since November and it's overwhelmingly for change. Then again, the Republican leadership is quite adept at using and abusing its rank and file to further the ends of the wealthy and corporate interests. These are fundamentally anti-middle class and poor. Connected to these wealthy interests is the extremist base on social issues against affirmative action, integration, right of choice, public education and civil rights. So sad to see these individuals become marginalized as the economy sinks lower and lower.



"Sad to see how much in denial these people really are."

Have you seen the DOW lately? Speaking of the DOW here is a nice exercise. Go find a DOW chart and look at the past 6 months. You can easily see when Bush's bailout was passed, When Obama was elected, When he announced the spending bill and when it passed. All these items are marked with dramatic decreases.

"The verdict has already been in since November and it's overwhelmingly for change."

Please describe this change you speak of. Does it have anything to do with Obama campaigning against our troops being overseas and excessive spending? Well don't look now but he just sent more troops to Afghanistan, he stepped up bombing in Pakistan and he is outdoing any president in the wasteful spending category.

"Then again, the Republican leadership is quite adept at using and abusing its rank and file to further the ends of the wealthy and corporate interests. These are fundamentally anti-middle class and poor. Connected to these wealthy interests is the extremist base on social issues against affirmative action, integration, right of choice, public education and civil rights. So sad to see these individuals become marginalized as the economy sinks lower and lower."

Your accusation that the GOP uses people is true but the exact same can be said of the Democrat party. You shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house. Speaking of extremists, did you actually proof read your last sentence. It reeks of extremism.


To Lance: How is opposing affirmative action extremist? Affirmative action is no better than racism against white people. There should not be anything based on race, everything should be based off merit or in the case of things like scholarships need. Why should minorities be treated any differently, everyone should be treated exactly the same. As for integration and civil rights, check the calender this is the year 2009, not 1959. Integration and civil rights have been succesful, and its a good thing that it was. Not all Republicans oppose freedom of choice, I'm pro-choice myself. And finally, Republicans do not oppose public education. Maybe some on the very far right do, but that is an exception, not a rule. Public education is a good thing, it just has some problems that need to be fixed. In case you haven't noticed, when Obama was elected most people were ignorant of his stances. I can't recall what show it was on, but people were asked why the support him, is it because he is pro-life, for the war in Iraq, or because of Sara Palin? The majority of people said that yes those are all reasons I support Obama. When you educate your own followers, let me know.

Tea Party Attendee

All of you not respecting our right to protest . . . you are wasting your time . . . This country is too important to not speak up at the horror of the Obama presidency . . . and, yes, I was unhappy with President Bush regarding spending as well . . . it is not a party issue . . . it is a survival issue.

So "type on" name callers . . . you will be the first to whine when you can't afford to by milk or bread.


I agree with the Attendee. This is not a thing about us not liking Obama. I think the government needs to spend less now, and I thought the same thing during the Bush presidency. Government in general has gotten bloated and oversized. Less government will mean more freedoms and that in turn leads to greater happiness and greater sucess.


Blah Blah Blah...Most of these comments are typical Liberal dribble and meaningless. You evil Liberals began attacking Bush with your hate filled rhetoric from his first day in office waaay before Iraq. Now you whine when its reversed.... Osama is an evil man bent on destroying our countries soveirgnty (spelling?). All you idgits that think it takes a village to raise a family are all looking for handouts from this IDIOTIC Administration.


one of the signs says "220 years to build our republic and 1 month to destroy it" let me ask you a couple questions..where have you been the last 8 years? do you not believe that fighting a war over oil has caused out repunlic to crash just a little bit? i mean really..why is it that republicans always wanna blame someone but its never the right person?


Why do people ignore the real reason we went to war with Iraq? There are a million conspiracy theories out there now about it. We went in because it was a threat to our national security, due to their hostile stance towards us, their support for terrorists and their WMDs (which, like I have stated before, they did have and they even used in the 1980s against Iran and the Kurds. They may also have used some against U.S. troops during Operation Desert Storm). That stance should not have changed. Yes, we removed an abusive dictator from office, and yes we will benefit in trade. The whole world will benefit at least slightly economically from having one more country free from totaltarianism, paving the way for capitalism, which it can only be hoped is adopted (by that I mean laissez-faire capitalism, not a mixed economy like we have in America). Regardless of that, we went to Iraq to defend our national interests. April, I am sorry but you are woefully ignorant of the true reasons we went to war with Iraq if you really think that it was a war for oil.


There is a flaw in your thinking. Not all Republicans supported the war just as not all Democrats opposed the war. The world contains more than just Democrats and Republicans. Do you not realize that Obama is sending more troops into Afghanistan? That he increased bombing in Pakistan? That he will not bring home all the troops from Iraq? What about all the other countries we occupy. I guess he's not a very good Democrat, huh.


I can't wait for the next tea party! Way to go people! The rest of you wake up!


The "Tea Party" is a protest to the government about not listening to the people. Right now yes the hot topic is the stimulas package. And honestly why should the government bail people out?? Whether it be multi million companies, or people that got into houses they couldn't afford.
I was approved for $150,000 home loan, but backed out because I wasn't fiancially secure. But seems like most of America feels its ok to live in debt and live above their wages.
Why do we need to bail companies out. What happened to the days, if a comapny fails it fails. The big 3 car manufactors recieved money to make energy effciant cars. Yeah they made them, but choose to advertise the H3, Charger, And who knows from Ford, while HONDA, Toyota, and other pushed their high MPG vehicles. Seems the big 3 made a bad business call, since when is it my resposibility to bail out their bad marketing and failure to better plan economically? And where is all this money coming from?? What short falls are others taking to fund this "stimulas Package"????
I guess I should have bought that hoouse, would be getting a hell of a break now instead of $10.00 extra on my paycheck.


People you all need to wake up and stop arguing about who is right or wrong. The fact of the matter is the government is trying to take over this country. People need to get off of the couch watching American Idol and start paying attention to what is going on in this country.
Just about everyone in the Obama administration is corrupt. Obama is not even a natural born citizen, soon to be proven, and as far as Hilary being the Secretary of State, kind of a conflict of interest there don't you think? If I had to guess..... the American Government is being paid to take America down, by whom? probably China or Russia or both.
call me crazy, just my opinion.
OBAMA IS ANTI-AMERCIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tell me one thing, "how will $450 billion dollars going to research "global warming" , or $3 million going to research the "wooly Mammouth" stimulate the economy??? Just because something has the title of "Stimulus Package" does not mean that is what it is.


Not to split hairs or anything, but Ford did not take any bailout money - only GM and Chrysler.


Let me be amoung the 1st to predict this: IF the BHO administration doesn't wake up soon...VERY soon...it won't be long before TEXAS pulls out of the Union. People will be moving there from ALL OVER the nation! OH...and don't tell me that can't happen! It CAN...and it WILL. Watch and see!


I will be at the Tea Party and I encourage all honest Christain Americans to attend regardless of the ignorant name calling!!!!!

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