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February 27, 2009


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Gotta love a bunch of drunks protesting the stimulis bill across the street from a closed Steak an Ale, down the street from a shuttered Albertson's and a demolished Stripling&Cox store...


oh you stupid texans. you just can,t stand to see a black inteligent man as your president. i will bet if bush could run again you dumb hillbillys would vote for him again. get a life texas. oh and by the way bless your stupid hearts.

Buru D

These people certainly didn't mind the MASSIVE defense spending and costs of building up Iraq's infrastructure during Bush's term. They didn't mind big government spying on our phone calls, reading our e-mails and tracking our bank accounts etc. No rallies then. In fact you were "un-American" if you didn't tow the line at the time. Now all of a sudden we spend some money domestically for once and all hell breaks loose. Now all of a sudden talkers like Glenn Beck want to cry about civil liberties. Where were you people from 2000 - 2008? Oh yeah, your noses were buried deep in Limbaugh's rear-end. HYPOCRITES!!!!

Phil Hieger

Texas is spelled with a capital "T" and intelligent has two l's instead of one. So much for intelligence. So much for the intelligent black man racist bunk, Loser.


@Buru D,
Speaking of MASSIVE spending that you blame on Bush. Maybe you didn't know but Obama just force down our throats the largest spending bill ever. You bash the patriot act but YOUR buddy Obama just aggressive defended warrantless wiretapping, DOH!! speaking of Bush policies, didn't Obama just send more troops to Iraq? Oh snaps! So your bashing Bush for excessive spending, violating our civil liberties and being pro-war and rightfully so. But how can you support Obama when he is doing the exact same thing?! The only answer I can think of is ignorance. That's not being thrown as an insult but it merely described your lack of knowledge or accepting knowledge that Obama is nothing more than a crooked politician, the same as Bush.


Yes I love how Obama shuts down Gitmo in favor of the supermax. Do the leftards even know what the Supermax looks like? It's hardly an improvement. Obama bombs people in Afghanistan, but heck he isn't waterboarding terrorists.
Oh and he threatens religious liberty by forcing catholic hospitals to go against what they believe in on abortion. This will shut down those hospitals--now that's healthcare reform!! Yes he is brilliant.

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