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March 27, 2009


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Funny how as soon as Obama's media honeymoon ended Hillary's started. Maybe she can tell stories about being sniped at in Bosnia or how she was instrumental in bringing peace to Ireland. Then KBH can get up there and tell us how she supported gun rights by voting for the Brady Bill gun ban and supported her constituents by voting for the bailout while they begged her not to. Get someone in there that's a real success and is respectable like Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

Allen Jue

Let push for politics as a non-career vocation, serve 6 years maximum and out, let someone else discharge their public duty by bringing their enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Colleen McCool

Hilary supports prohibition. If only she could visit with old Ben Franklin about the definition of insanity.

Considering the oppression, the atrocious carnage and official lawlessness triggered by the new prohibition; the worst public policy since slavery is a gory, blood-spattered scandal, a volatile disgrace more explosive than sex in the oval office!

Take away the main tool servants of tyranny, gun control freaks and racists
use these days to extend their agenda, the
new prohibition. Please write you Legislators.

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