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April 27, 2009


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So who is the carpet cleaning company? Definitely don't want to use them.


Perry, you posturing fool.


He may have drawn a bigger crown had it been promoted as an "anti-Obama" event. The crowd doesn't look too sparse in the picture. Remember, this wasn't a free event. These people paid to come here.

Arlington GOP

What a Bogus Bogus headline. I was there, and there were easily 1600 people there. Since when is 1600 people a light crowd? Your pro-Obama bias is showing. It also wasn't a "religious" forum, although K-SKY does have a somewhat religious bent. Did you guys even pay attention? It was an awesome energizing event, and you are just frustrated they actually were objective and pointed out good things and bad things about Obama's first 100 days.


Nice unbiased reporting....right!


Nice unbiased reporting....right!

Lorraine Scanian

The forum had little to do with "religion", btw...and everything to do with freedom and liberty. We didn't pray, but we talked about prayer some. We didn't talk about Christianity, but we talked about Judeo-Christian ethics some. You definitely minimized this event and by your condescending "quotes", I believe you didn't have a clue to what it was about.


What a horrible belittling biased story. No wonder the Star Telegram is losing readership with such bad reporters as Bud Kennedy.


Really, were you at the event? I listen to 660 from time to time and to say they are a religious station only tells me you have not. But to say the event was a religious forum tells me that you went to this event with some preconceived idea of what it was about and that is what you reported. It is sad that the Star Telegram has lost its ability to report the facts, only the opinion of its reporters.


Wow..............U mean to tell me they still hating after dese years of ending slavery....Dang just goes to tell ya that the Devil can Leave a Life Long impression and effect on your Soullllllllllllllll............Hate has no place in the USA and we will Keep Fighting to abolish Hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

LeAnne Jennings

We were at the event last night and clearly wonder if you were at the same place? It was an awesome crowd of patriotic Americans who are VERY concerned
about where our country is headed under the direction of Pres. Obama. Gov. Perry
served as moderator and it was not a rally for him. It is a shame that we can
no longer depend on newspapers to supply
us with the truth about what is going on
and use it only as a source to reflect
your biased views! No wonder the Telegram
and numerous other papers are in trouble!

David Peterson


KSKY a religious radio station? Look at the website and then compare it with KLTY and KCBI. It will take you 5 minutes at the most. But you already know that KSKY is NOT a religous radio station. Your intention was to deceive. Facts and honesty are not a part of your journalistic world and that is sad. I am amused that the included picture shows anything but a "light" or "scattered" crowd. Good editor work....


Hey, Red Star Telegram.. Please come pick up your paper machine.. You can't use my property anymore to sell your rag..

Cindy M.


(Break out 72pt font)

Gov. Perry draws "light" crowd for "anti-Obama" event!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Bud "Fair and Balanced" Kennedy

No wonder papers are going down the tube -- when the headline is that Perry draws a "light" crowd of 1,200 people.



It is only a matter of time when Rick Perry and his followers start putting on their white hoods.

Mark D.

This is a terrible piece of journalism - it is not biased it is factually wrong. Mr. Bud Kennedy knows this yet he tries and reports something different. This article reads like it was created on a blackberry.


John and RCC,
What does this have to do with racism? Can you not put together enough of an argument? Try making a point instead of trying to trump any argument with your lame accusations of racism.


Hey, all of you righties who are criticizing the Star-Telegram and keep pointing out about the readership they are losing, I got some news for you. You better look deep into your own beloved GOP and look at the membership and electorate that it is losing as it continues to pander to the fringe right.

Oh, and by the way, you guys just lost a big one today. Senator Arlen Specter left you righties in the dust and became a DEMOCRAT. How's that sit with you? The GOP moves further and further to the fringe as you lose another Senate seat.


Hahahaha, you call Spectre leaving a loss?! Good riddance. I will gladly send over about 34 more of these idiots to infect your party. What a joke!


Governor'Good Hair',in a desperation move to embarass the entire state, is embracing every rightwing crackpot he can scare up. Ya would've thought telling unemployed Texan's to'Drop Dead' would suffice but NO he has to make us look like a bunch of nutters with the 'Secede from the Union' flapdoodle and now this...Kay Bailey put him out of our misery soon....


OK JR. Tell me what good has come from Bush's 8 years and also what has Perry done for Texas. Absolutely nothing. That is why Obama is stuck to clean up the mess of the previous 8 years. If this is anything like what will happen in Bush's so called conservative think tank in Dallas, we will all be in trouble. The rightwing believe in christianity but they do not practice it. Family values, help the unfortunate, treat others as you would want to be treated. Tell me when Perry or Bush cared about Americans and the suffering we are going through. This should have been a time when we were helping the world be a better place.


Bud Kennedy still will never get it. KSKY is not a religious station, but a station that sponsored a rally where people are fed up with the govt spending so far.


$328,835. Now think what you could do with that amount of money. Now, here's what the White House thought to do with that huge amount of cash. According to the Air Force, that is how much money the White House spent yesterday to terrify New Yorkers.


As a life-long Republican, I am embarrassed by Perry and current GOP leaders. The GOP needs to re-examine itself, come up with new ideas, discard the religious right even at the expense of votes. The religious right stands for unrealistic policies like abstinence vs. birth control for example...even Palin's own daughter corrected her on that. Negative loses. The GOP just got whipped by "hope" and "tomorrow" talk. But instead of learing from it, we have Perry talking secession and questioning Obama's citizenship...failed, unrealistic, negative issues that will guarantee election losses. Hate, fear, negative things turn away voters. The GOP needs to get away from FOX news, Limbaugh, Hannity, Cheney, Rumsfelt, Rove, Dubya. We need to run on OUR core values...small govt, low taxes, low spending, financial responsibility, personal freedom. War, fear, criticizing an extremely popular president just shows we haven't yet learned how to beat him.


Your mistaken that I am a Bush supporter, I am not. Don't blame one party over the other until your see how they voted, you would be surprised. Also blaming where we are at on the past eight years is just plain asinine. So far Obama is not cleaning up anything. Look past your leftist views and you will see that Obama is doing nothing more than continuing Bush's policies on a more massive scale.

So let me get this straight. You think it is Christian to forcefully take money from Americans to give it to other nations (or anyone for that matter) so they can abort babies? You think wealth redistribution is Christian? It gets very messy when you interject religion into politics. Frankly I think Bush and Obama care about the suffering that Americans are going through but what they are doing to solve it is very wrong and will not help.

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