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April 27, 2009


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I've been a long time customer of the sponsor, Dalworth Carpet Cleaning. No more, though. I cannot support any company that sponsors the lies and mindless delusion that has infiltrated the republican party. Shame on you, Dalworth!!


"Although Hawaii's Republican officials have said Obama's birth certificate is authentic -- and although his birth was reported at the time in birth listings in the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper -- some activists have continued to ask for more proof."

When will these people GIVE IT UP? McCain LOST. Obama WON. It's DONE. Quit being a pack of whiny, crybaby sore losers and do something constructive.

John Bassett

Who's liberties are they fighting for? Not mine!!! I hate to say, but money makes the world go round. If you have alot of money, you feel that you have had your "liberties" stomped on. If you have no money, like me, you feel just the opposite. These people who are complaining about these stimulus packages, policies, and the authenticity of Pres. Obama's birth certificate probably spend as much money on a couch, in their big , big houses, than we make in one year. Go figure. Who's liberties are they talking about? Who's gonna fight for us? We can't even get a loan from a bank to buy a $9000 car without outrageous fees (aquisition, interest both 24.9%)and we don't have negitive reports on our credit, we are just high risk because of the income. Who's liberties? What about healthcare? We can't afford to pay premiums for our family's coverage. Not to mention the low performing schools we are forced to send our children to. We can't afford to send them to a private (platinum) school. We have to settle for less(bronze). Who's liberties?????


These phony "tea party" events and the sore-loser Republicans who promote them are examples of why Republicans have lost, and will continue to lose, public support nationally. The election of Barack Obama was a complete repudiation of the catastrophic failure- economically, internationally and domestically- of the Bush Administration and the Republican lead Congress. I think it would be best to come to terms with that, if you wish to regain electoral viability in any place besides the fetid, politically inbred circles of the tea party fringe. It’s time for serious, intelligent conservatives to take back some place in their party and begin to help construct meaningful policy to help, not impede, the recovery from the Bush failures. Rick Perry will rightly be seen as another Governor from Texas with a failed ideology when he tries to run for the Presidency.


The whiners are you people who have drunk so much Kool aid that you can't see straight. The Chosen One has come to take from you and you are too mesmerized by his teleprompted speeches to see it. What is he intent on taking? Your liberty. John Bassett, you whine because someone has more money than you. Why aren't you griping about Nancy Pelosi's wealth or Harry Reid's? Obama's policies are intent on making it harder for you to attain that which you whine about others having. Abraham Lincoln said that you should not tear down another's house out of envy but to take every opportunity to build one for yourself. Tyrrany is the Democratic government's answer and its definition is taking away your propertty rights and opportunity. Quit blaming others because you covet what they have. The capitalist system that the Dems are intent on destroying has produced the most wealth and the most jobs than any other economic system in the world.


Sorry but you apparently have no idea what the tea parties are about or who supports them. The tea parties were started by the people who opposed Bush's failed policies and now oppose Obama's failing policies. Party has nothing to do with it. Perry is only trying to latch on to further his political campaign and shouldn't seriously be linked to the movement. So look past your partisanship and cultist devotion to Obama and realize that the tea parties are made up of independents, libertarians and yes even republicans and democrats.


Give it up. If anything is Perry and his followers citizens of the same nation I live in. The last 8 years have been hell. The democrats and Obama are here to save all Americans.


I suggest that the "anti-government" crowd read what Paul said to Roman Christians in chapter 13 of his letter to the Romans. There was nothing "Christian" about the Roman government either.

He says "everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, . . ." Remeber Paul is the same one they often quote to prove that a woman is subservient to a man. I wonder how they will handle Romans 13.


These Republican loonies will stop at nothing. They just can't believe they lost the election. Our president is President Barack Obama. Case closed. Get used to it.

Also, get used to Sen. Al Franken of Minn. Coleman lost, get over it.

Also, get used to Sen. Arlen Specter, DEMOCRAT, of Penn. He switched, the GOP loses again! Get over it.

No amount of hypocritical rightwing thumbsucking, cry baby angst is going to change any of this. Forget it. Get on the train. President Obama is the engineer and you guys are bringing up the rear.


The Republican Death Spiral just nudged the throttle a little closer to the firewall...


Obama could put a stop to all of the questions, by simply RELEASING his birth certificate for examination, but he has continually REFUSED to do so. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO HIDE? The truth will find you out!


The Hawaii officials who "authenticated" Obama's birth certificate are DEMOCRATS, not Republicans, as stated in the lead blog. As stated earlier, just make the certificate available, if it is genuine, there is nothing to hide. Obama's failure to release the document is cause for doubt.


I'm launching a campaign to demand proof that Dick Cheney is: 1) human and 2) not Satan incarnate.

I will not let this rest until I see incontrovertible PROOF that Cheney is NOT in fact Lucifer, the Dark Lord Beelzebub, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, The Father of Lies, Abbadon, the Beast.

Date and location of first rally forthcoming.


All the ones that voted democrat will feel the pressure before this THING is over. Barack Is a muslum by his own mouth.
You will be praying to Jihad if left up to him. I am a 72 year old man and never in my time have I witnessed any thing such as so many blind people in this country. Open your eyes people and look down the road to where he is taking you and me.


I am a life-long Republican and am totally embarrassed and frustrated by the ignorance and incompetence in my own party!!! I want the party I voted for when Reagan and George Bush (the first one, not the idiot) to come back. Dubya, Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the religious right, and all of FOX News network have killed the GOP. "Conservative" used to stand for small government, responsible spending, low taxes, personal freedom. Now "conservatives" don't even know what it means. FOX News, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc are irresponsible, innacurate and poisonous. The GOP should distance itself from those losers. Their message and their ideas are failures. I want my GOP to re-examine what it stands for and distance itself from the clowns that have infiltrated it.


You need to read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Lavine. It spells out exactly what a Conservative is and what a Statist(Liberal) is and what they stand for. those guys in Washington are Republicans but not conservatives. George W. Bush was a Republican but not necessarily a conservative, and his father was to the left of him. Reagan was as close as they get. And the Fox News network is the closest to the truth you will hear because the other networks are in The Messiah's pocket. Again, the capitalist system that the Dems are intent on destroying has produced the most wealth and the most jobs than any other economic system in the world. The system that the Democrats are implementing is only indebting those who have not yet been born. Do you realize that the average American family spends more on taxes than they do on food? And "President Teleprompt" only wants to spend more. The only cure for Washington is to clean 'em all out and start over. They are ALL in someone's pocket.

Stoned Texan

Rlafon, you are an ignorant and confused old man.

gonzo mcknight

i am at treasureislandartstudio@yahoo.com i do chritian conservative constutional artwork i would like you snail mail street address to be able to seen you some must see 9/10 pieces of art .and please sign me up .i feel the exact way you and mr.gallagher,and sean hannity and the list goes on.mr.oboma is an atheist.and is systematically desstroying our christian heritage ,in which our founding forefathers wrote in the entire begining of this country.yet mr.o. blatently told the world on purpose that it was the opposite...how dare he . i am a proud christian concervative and then republican.and a downtown riverside,ca born in the u.s.a. and proud of it in god we trust gonzo mcknight

gonzo mcknight

we the people of this great country,request tha nancy pelosi has her pockets checked on her way out of our house,for stolen gov. boose/alcohol mastercard.i think we should all fight to have them all thrown out of this country they hate.they don't deserve it.

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