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April 30, 2009


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Meep Zorp

I consider WHEN comments come from TWITter

Almost 10,500 die annually from influenza
It's God's way of saying clean up your act.
If this swine flu starts killing off too many taxpayers, the administration will take it over as well.


If our WORTHLESS FEDERAL GOV. would have closed the border we would have had no cases at all! But since Osama wants the Flu to come to U.S. then he can impose martial Law and totally control all people! Aaaahh Socialism....You gotta love it....Thanks to all the MORONS that put a Muslim in charge of our ONCE great country... Welcome to AmeriKa everyone!


BigBrotherBites, your stupidity is absolutely astonishing. It's amazing that you are able to function with such a small brain. The only moron around is you, my friend!


BigBrotherBites: I'm guessing the fact that it was American's coming back from vacations in Mexico that mostly let it spread kind of slipped your mind. Closing the border would have done no good, since it would been too late anyways. Everyone's blowing this whole flu thing way out of proportion.

So get off your high horse and accept the fact that we finally have a capable president who actually cares about our country, instead capitalizing on backhanded deals and screwing the average amaerican.

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