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August 28, 2009


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richard colonel

Actually, Mr. Friedman needs to stay our of the race for the governorship of Texas. He did nothing but make a fool of himself during the last state election for governorship. And he got the wrong man elected to the office of governor. Mr. Friedman needs to go on a two year vacation to Hawaii so he can have the material to write a book about his travels. That is the best way that he can help the people of the state of TExas. Please, mr. Friedman stay out the race of Governor of Texas. We need someone in that office who will work for the benefit of all Texans not just those of his caliber and tight-fisted friends.


I sent Kinky money, campaigned for him.

The night of the debate, when he came on-camera wearing his hat, waving his huge cigar, I realized he WAS the clown others had called him.

Kinky, your "sell-by" date has long past.

Please, don't hurt our Party ... quit, "Before All Hell Breaks Loose."

Roland Hernandez

This your ticket for Governor with a landslide.I am sending you a propsal for congress that we put on the internet and it we have received a great responce from both Democrats and Repubilcans. It's a bipartisan proposal and win,win for both sides.Please call me at 713-542-1328

Thank you,
Roland Hernandez

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