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August 31, 2009


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Mr. Kilgore needs to refresh his history. Neither Washington or Houston were part of secession movements, they were part of revolutionary movements. The colonies did not secede from Great Britain; they fought for their independence. Texas did not secede from Mexico; there was a war for independence. Secession and wars for independence are not the same. Secession is a legal maneuver to extricate oneself from a union by peaceful means. And Houston was opposed to secession from the United States - lost his job because of that - so I doubt he was subscribe to the view that his actions in the Texas Revolution were part of a secession movement.

S Watson

Pack him off to Afghanistan, see how he likes it there.


@Toby, I know it's a late response but the colonies were a PART of Britain and they SECEDED from Britain. The founders wrote in many documents any state could leave if they wanted to.

In fact, they TOOK OUT the wording of the Articles of Confederation of an "eternal union" in the Constitution precisely so states could leave!

But more importantly, you SPIT on the graves of a hundred thousand american soldiers who DIED to protect "right wing southern secession movements".

US soldiers fought and died to protect the secession of South Korea, South Vietnam, and Kosovo. You SPIT on their memories to say that OUR OWN southern half can't secede if it wants to!

Mike Flesher

so is there a secessionist party in Texas that provides an organized effort toward this goal? Secession just makes sense. There is no future in the Socialist States of America.

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