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October 26, 2009


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The Adam Walsh Act is an abomination - it is so unconstitutional it's sickening. Mr. Walsh has an agenda - that's all. I feel sorry for him but he doesn't even know if his son was killed by a sex offender! All the sex offenders I know would NEVER hurt a child much less any human being, they just did dumb stuff like touching or kissing their "bit too young" girlfriend or chatted online a bit inappropriately or tinkled outside their own HOMES or on the side of the road. This kind of junk and reporting has to stop. Mr. Walsh needs to be on the registry for a week just to see what kind of harm comes to HIM and HIS FAMILY from being on it - it's already been proven to be punitive yet our Supreme Court continues to say it's "regulatory" - I bet if someone went up there and tried a case NOW - it CAN be proven to be punitive - so many are getting killed being on the registry now. That blood is on the hands of the legislators who made these ridiculous laws and those people who PUSH these laws into existence.

Remember Mark Foley who pushed the Adam Walsh Act? He was found with chatting with teenagers - but was never convicted - ha! He's just as guilty as anyone else yet because of WHO HE IS, he's not been found "guilty" yet he's MORE guilty than thousands on the registry.

Let's go back to the Wetterling Act - it makes the most sense and has the most control over VIOLENT offenders, not every kid on the block who had sex with his girlfriend, etc. What a waste of OUR taxpayer funds.

The registry is only for those helicopter parents who can't seem to get a life - and for the people who run the system - it's all about the money - because it has been proven not to work (and that's quite obvious).

John Massey

keith olbermann reported that the name for President Bush's speech was titled "Dog Poop" can you confirm it.


Its so crazy how people say they want to protect our children when all they really want is a vote. Each case should be judged individually, I cant believe how these regisration laws have effected so many families and victims horribly all in the name of politics. Sad!

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