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November 30, 2009


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Might as well go ahead and raise them. Taxes on everything else are going to be raised over the next few years to pay for the current federal boondoggle we have going on now.

richard colonel

People are buying less gas because, they are traveling less. Sticking closer to home during holidays and vacation time. The cash for clunkers program, was a laugh. People were suppose to trade in their old clunkers that were gas guzzlers for fuel-efficient cars. Instead, they were traded one gas guzzler for another newer model gas guzzler. I have been driving a 2007 Dodge Caliber that gives me great gas mileage! 36 mpg on the highways and 21 -25 mpg in city driving; city and highway driving, it averages about 29-31 mpg. Newer model vehicles, that I see advertised in the star-telegram are doing from 17 to 25 mpg on the hiways and anywhere from 12 to 18 city driving. If our Scientists can send a man to the moon and bring 'em back, they ought to be able to figure out a way for a car engine to get gas mileage to about 41 city driving and 56 highway.

richard colonel

cars, pickups and whatever else that can be a motorized vehicle are not more fuel efficient. People are driving less because of the price of the gasoline. And no, the tax on gasoline should be raised to three cents more per gallon not the ten or 18 cents that is being anticipated. and our legislators better be careful how they vote, if they are coming up for re-election in 2010.

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