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May 24, 2010


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Wow, great idea. This will make the state tons of money and put us all on Easy Street with No Downside! Just like the Lottery did.


We will be hard pressed to get this passed in Texas, but not for the reasons most suspect. Oklahoma and Louisiana will be sending in their high paid lobbyists to grease the palms of Texas elected officials to make sure it never happens here! If Texas were to get casino style gambling it would be the virtual end of that industry in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Modern Man

On one hand, gambling is a tax on people who are poor at math. It is bad public policy because it harms those who can afford it the least: people who are living off social security or who are poor because of bad choices along the way.

On the other hand, I welcome any changes that legalize "sin" activities that should be legal for adults. You could argue that the dupes will save money by not having to travel as far to waste their money.


The February UT/Tribune poll also found a lot of support for expanded gaming: http://tinyurl.com/rollem


Speaking from Oklahoma, I would not recommend gambling in Texas. After years of observation, I see families destroyed, people stealing money from the office and going bankrupt from the gambling.

I know three people who had to declare bankrupty due to excessive gambling.

It's just not worth it.

vance day

I understood it a couple of years ago when you had to go to Las Vegas.But it makes no since now when you can cross the border on eitherside of Texas except Ark.So why not legalize it and generate the new jobs and money to keep from raising taxes

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