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August 19, 2010


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M Grey

Not surprising of course that neither you nor any other reporter actually interviewed this nutbag candidate.

No, all your doing is promoting her appearance.

Worst politial coverage and worst political blog in Texas.


this woman thinks you should be able to trade Chickens for Health Care.

Nevada, PLEASE show up sober at the polls

Rudy Gonzales

Sharron Angle!
You look bigoted to me!
Will you bow out of the race since you are not qualified to run for office because you're prejudiced and biased in you thinking? Here let me refresh your memory: Sharron Angle: "you look Asian" as you spoke to a high school Hispanic group. Do you support the career Texas Governor in his race? Will you denounce and repute the following persons who made disparaging remarks about people of color? Let me remind you of their comments:

==> Tancredo in Colorado. Tancredo had a "MACACA Moment" specifically calling President Obama, "Barack Hussein Obama", to specifically identify the President as "Hussein" to further amplify "Islamic roots" as a rallying cry to the masses!

==> Rand Paul, who referred to Jim Crow Era tactics and side tracked bigotry by saying private ownership "should be allowed to determine who could be served in restaurants or food counters."

==> Palladino in New York, who used an "African Tribal Dance" and called it "President Obama's Inaugural Dance", and used computer generated photos of President and Michelle Obama dressed as pimp and prostitute in one of his mailings.

==>The Oregon State candidate who continues to home school with an old text book calling "Negroes" as "Childlike and unintelligent"!

==>Virginia Republican Party Chairman of a comment that "His dog should be eligible for Welfare" since "He black, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and probably has no clue who his daddy is"!

These people are bigoted and discriminated and do not deserve to run for office, don't you think?
Please respond in this forum so all can see your response. I will automatically assume no response will make you just a culpable.
Till then:
(E)Incumbent Republican party of "NO"

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