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August 20, 2010


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This Country better get on its knees and pray Ron Paul runs.


I feel its important to point out that describing Ron Paul as either a 'spoiler' or as an 'independent', is very misleading. As this article states, Ron has not announced whether or not he will be running in the 2012 presidential election. Ron has stated numerous times that he would not run as an independent, but as a Republican, which is the party he belongs to now as a Texas senator. It should also be made clear that twice this year Paul has won straw polls, and the Rasmussen poll. Additionally, during the 2008 debates, Ron Paul consistently won polls amongst voters in regards to who performed the best during the debates. His support is broad and growing rapidly. He is consistently shown to be the most supported Republican by the people. To phrase this article as the author has chosen to is to skew the facts away from Paul, and to discourage his very valid candidacy for popular election by the American people.

Joe Doe

get old and retired. I am sickpo tired to pay my tax dollars for long time congressman.

Get lost and I will ask to cut his pension!

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