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August 11, 2010


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Tom Smith

As a planned strategy, no....

Coming to have babies for the benefits, yes.

But watch the movie 'La Mission' and the title character, played by Benjamin Bratt, consistently talks about the re-browning of America.

That is a cultural drive.

Also, People are coming here and anchoring themselves with babies who are NOT even born here, but even now we are hearing about young children raised here but illegal, being allowed to stay and attend college. What message does that send? Keep coming?

They are breaking the back of the taxpayers and the education system and health care.

Let us not forget that Victor Carillo, who was nominated to a R.R. Commission Seat in Texas and then formally ran for the position as the incumbent, outspent his opponent by more then 10 times as much and played the race card when he lost.

Our hispanic leaders will not take a stand for this country, for U.S. Citizens and 'Rule of Law'. How will we ever be able to trust them?

Debbie Riddle does NOT come off well, but she has some good points.

We ARE DEMANDING that the border be secured. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE.

Rafael - stand up for your constituents. All of the LEGAL ONES.

Look at Dallas. It is turning into a ghetto, where, according to a policeman, half the drivers do not even carry insurance.

It is too bad that those who benefitted from cheap labor will not want to hire illegals if their status changes and their wages start to rise. They will ship the jobs out or look for other illegals to take the jobs and we will end up with those who are NOW entitled to ask for more that no one will hire. They will only join the ranks of the unemployed because now they are too expensive to hire.

Our Government really messed this up, when they had a chance to handle it 25 years ago.

Is is possible that muslim terrorists will come through our southern border with new hispanic names and walk into our schools with backpack bombs? Only for martydom and 99 virgins.....


Geez, this woman is an embarrassment to Texas. Innuendo, suspicion, no facts, bristles when challenged, not particularly intelligent, can't debate -- come on, Texas, can't you vote in _anyone_ better?

Nice to know we in Missouri don't have the worst state reps in the country.

Larry Love

This lady is an idiot. No fact, all innuendo's. She's an embarrassment and a buffoon. I would hate to have her as an representative.

Dick  Patterson

Well y'all heard of the Southern Bells. This old chick is just a typical dump bell.

WOW what an embarrassment for our beautiful State of Texas.

She must be related to the bush family.

Creating more smoke and mirrors and for what ever reason? It must be financial gain.

We don’t know how she was ever elected into office and what’s up with that stiff upper lip?

I really would like to believe that we have some form of Intelligence with-in Texas government.

This old chick, really should not speak on national TV.

Dick (Austin TX)


We should give North Koreans, Mainland Chinese, and Hmong Vietnamese the same rights as Cuban immigrants. If they manage to sneak by the Coast Guard patrols and reach our shores, after fleeing Communist tyranny, we should allow them in, as well. Some Cuban refugees never took U.S. citizenship, because they wanted to return to a free Cuba. Their U.S.-born children should not be denied citizenship by Congress.


The Republicans realize that they cannot win a presidential election without race-baiting tactics. It's either Mexicans or Middle Easterners. As long as they have a brown person to go after they can put people in the voting booths.

The race-baiting can even be effective without any threat whatsoever if there is that undercurrent of resentment over a black president.


Paranoia Polly strikes again.

Tommy T

I didn't even know Fire Marshall Bill *had* a sister.

Ilene Sternberg

Are you sure this woman is not a marionette? Only her lower jaw works. Very strange.

Guy Blabrant

Commiehater: The U.S. DID invite the Hmong (distinct from the ethnic Vietnamese) into the country as a reward for its service. AFAIK the Hmong are still persecuted in Laos. I do not thing they have significant numbers in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese pre-1995 were also invited, due to persecution. Post-1995 things changed.


Why are they always trying to enforce immigration lawys if you think about it swich mexicans for blacks and you got history reapeting except this time the us ant taking them from there coutries why doest every one have one world nationalty instead of worrying about immigrints why not worry about the ones that bring drugs target them and not the ones that want to come to this coutry for a better life mayne later on it may change where people will want to leave the us and go back to there coutries cus they were wrong start ecepting people for who they are dont our diffrences make us stronger and also marijuana should be the drug that should be manly enforce how about US finally testing its effect and truthfully tell them the truth and start growing it to make paper medicine cloths if its grown out side the plat doest produce the fruit or weed to smoke but to be used for us not against us people should stop worrying about thing that dont matter and worry about the things that do when maybe the government or people are hiding the facts people need to lead not fallow if every one leads things maybe differnt WE GOT A VOICE USE IT DONT THINK IT BUT DO IT sory not trying to sound like nikey but they are right do it dont think it but think befor you do it

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