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September 17, 2010


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Rudy Gonzales

Perry can't count above 20, so how can he claim any knowledge of the budget deficit? Perry needs to rely on those directly in charge of budgets. Wait! Perry appoints donor cronies to top positions, and they may need fingers to count.
Here's my points:

I personally feel that Rick Perry wouldn't debate after the shellacking he and Kay got from Medina!
Notice to all voters in Texas!
Governor Rick Perry is filling the airways with numerous ads touting job creation.
He says his job is to create jobs for Texans.
Why has he waited so long to act?
Why is he saying on TV that Texas has created jobs for over 850,000 workers? Why is he lying?
Is he a career politician?
The Texas Workforce Commission stated that the workforce contracted 4.1%! The Republican majority has squandered numerous opportunities to improve workers conditions and bring jobs to Texas!
I think everyone should vote this year! Redistricting will rear it's ugly head and bite the minorities in the butt! Here's the real problem if minorities do not vote:
I'M calling for John Boehner, Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Mitch McConnell to disavow the prejudicial and bigoted members of the TEA or Republican parties in the following. Failure to do so make them just as guilty:
Here are some of the points I'd like to make :

==> Tancredo in Colorado. Tancredo had a "MACACA Moment" specifically calling President Obama, "Barack Hussein Obama", to specifically identify the President as "Hussein" to further amplify "Islamic roots" as a rallying cry to the masses!

==> Rand Paul, who referred to Jim Crow Era tactics and side tracked bigotry by saying private ownership "should be allowed to determine who could be served in restaurants or food counters."

==> Palladino in New York, who used an "African Tribal Dance" and called it "President Obama's Inaugural Dance", and used computer generated photos of President and Michelle Obama dressed as pimp and prostitute in one of his mailings.

==>The Oregon State candidate who continues to home school with an old text book calling "Negroes" as "Childlike and unintelligent"!

==> Sharron Angle's comment of "you look Asian" truly sickens me since I am "Hispanic"!

==>Virginia Republican Party Chairman of a comment that "His dog should be eligible for Welfare" since "He black, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and probably has no clue who his daddy is"!

Because the leaders of the Republican party have not repudiated these bigots then I personally say:

Let's enforce TERM LIMITS.
Jim Hightower said: Politicians and Diapers both need to be changed often, and for the same reason!
(e)Incumbent career politician!

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