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October 27, 2010


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Mr. President, you probably wouldn't have to worry to much about the formerly "wealthy" coughing up their "fair share" for education if your fellow Democrat Eddie Berneice wasn't busy "gifting" her own well off Plano relatives with scholarship money intended for the less fortunate young people in her own district.


Obama will be needing more than that money from speeding tickets and he will get it come Jan 1 when he allows the tax cuts to expire. You'll be paying much more in taxes. Get ready, here it comes.


Yeah, Obama says Obama that he hopes that the winners can get out of campaign mode and work together. Yeah, right. It starts with you, Mr. pResident. You've been in slash and burn mode since Day One. You're a disgrace to the office.


How can the listeners of that radio show vote if they can't read and write? And how will they get there? They can't afford cars and they definitely aren't going to walk for an extended period of time. The one advantage they have is that they have plenty of free time since they have no jobs. I'm so happy to be one of the hard working people in this country that pays money to the government to then distribute to some lazy ass that sits aroud and listens the the damn radio all day.


Um, just yesterday, he said that Hispanic voters needed to "punish" his "enemies." That's right, people. Our president doesn't reserve the word "enemy" for the Taliban and Al Queada. He reserves it for conservatives.

Kathryn Thompson

I cannot believe he makes comments about "fussing and fighting" in the same week when he is repeatedly giving speeches that are FULL of inflammatory and accusatory language! He has demeaned the office of the Presidency with his almost constant campaigning and the language he uses to describe his opponents, including the word "ENEMY" today!! And he tells OTHERS not to fuss and fight?? Give me a break.

Rusty White

What are all you hate mongers going to do and say " IF " on election day. The American people don't buy your message of hate?

Never Say Never!:)

My Presidents Black, My Lambo's blue..

I am just glad he feels so good about the job he had done he can do the View, local radio stations across the country, take vacations, go to sports events, spend time overseas - in short, put in more political appearances to shore up his chances of re-election, rather than focus on the country itself.

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