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October 27, 2010


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Mad as heck and not taking it anymore

You really should do the voters a service and publish the data from the campaign funds for Turner and Pierson which shows how much money went to their relatives. No wonder these folks
(not particularly Pierson who seems to be more classy than Turner) fight so hard to be re-elected. (Since this column is intended for more "in-depth" reporting---I'm just sayin)


It seems that Zedler is essentially owned by one group, yet we're supposed to believe that he didn't do any favors for the doctors that donated to his campaign by accessing patients' private information? Unbelievable. Instead of filing his own financial reports properly (he was cited with a violation), he's been trying to find something wrong with his opponent's financial records. Instead of communicating with voters at scheduled events, he's been cancelling at the last minute. Instead of running on who he is and what he intends to do, he is running a campaign of character assassination against his opponent. Remember, you get what you vote for -- and in Zedler that's a man who's devoted to one PAC, uses dirty tricks, distorts, and seems more interested in his personal career than in the people of HD 96.

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