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November 01, 2010


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Rick Perry

And yet, San Francisco won.
Awesome irony.


Pres. George W. Bush has been a patriot because he chose to not comment on Pres. Obama's presidency. No matter what one thinks of the former President, he made a wise choice not to add to the public voice about his predecessor.


This is not the truth....W got the loudest ovation when announced and even bigger when he threw the ball like a man and not like a girl (like others we know).


George W. Bush is a war criminal who spied on Americans without warrants, lowered taxes for the rich, instituted a global torture regime and launched two illegal wars that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people just so a few corporations could profit from the creation of a new defense, securities and private war making market. Instead of standing up and cheering for him we should be throwing shackles on him and putting him in a dark cell for the remainder of his pitiful life. Sheeple will continue to follow their leader right off the cliff, bleating all the way to their deaths.

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