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November 18, 2010


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Laura Martinez

I find it deplorable that neither Warren Chisum nor Ken Paxton did anything to immediately denounce the anti-semitic emails and phone calls generated in their favor.

Joe Straus has come out of this week as the clear person for Speaker of the House.

Sherrie Miller

Threatening to field primary opponents for not supporting a specific candidate for speaker? That sounds a lot like the politics of Tom Craddick that caused us to loose seats for three straight election cycles and created such disunion and disharmony in the Republican Caucus that we weren't able to accomplish anything in terms of tax reform or immigration reform.

As a Republican, I don't like those odds.

Chisum and Paxton can say that they aren't put up to this by Craddick, but they are being put up to this by Craddick's puppeteers and paymasters. Peggy Venable, Michael Quinn Sullivan, the home school coalition, etc. It's all the same money flowing from the same people that are trying to push a singular agenda that is centered on NOTHING but social conservative issues exclusive of tax reform.

While small business owners like my husband want tax relief and things like that, these yahoos want to spend time arguing over putting the ten commandments in schools, creating religion classes in high schools, and worrying about what happens when two men kiss each other.

ENOUGH ALREADY!! Real Republicans want to see tax reform, immigration reform, changes to the franchise tax, changes to the property tax code, more tort reform and things like that. The year of an 18 billion dollar shortfall is not the time to be promoting this kind of agenda. As much as I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I'm far more concerned about us keeping our business open than whether or not school districts can stop the posting of the ten commandments in school or if my son's high school offers a bible course--which was Warren Chisum's ONLY legislative achievement last session.

There is a time in governance to get to work on the hard problems facing Texas and this is that time. As much as I believe in evangelism, now isn't the time to be promoting religious issues.

And, for what it's worth, I am disgusted that these two candidates never took a stand against the anti-Semitic stuff being directed at the Speaker. When last I checked, the Jewish faith was pretty darned conservative. And, when last I checked, there was nothing wrong with being Jewish, either.

Enough with the Jew-hating radicalism! Let's get some Ronald Reagan common sense around here and re-elect the Speaker.


Oh, sure... I'm absolutely positive this has nothing to do with Craddick. Right. And Obama just likes to spend a little money.

This only has to do with getting rid of Joe Straus, the only Speaker since WWII who actually forced the Democrats to cut spending?

When the Tea Party finds out the truth about Paxton and and tax and spend liberal Chisum there is going to be a massive bill to pay. And it'll be paid in March 2012.

Mad as heck and not taking it anymore

Hey Rumormongers: I doubt that you folks can actually produce any evidence of the above. (which means that it is slanderous defamitory rumor) Can't voters have a choice? Why do you care who is speaker? It is unlikely, given his track record of strong arm tactics and misinformation, that Straus is willing to follow an agenda which the voters support.So why the resistance to changing speakers ? The latest tactics sound like an unethical ploy and desparation to me.


Let's see the FWST "misreported "that this was a "9/12 event" and a spokesman for Straus "misreported" that Straus had been excluded, when in fact he was invited. Gee I wonder what else was "misreported" or exaggerated here.


@ Sherrie. one would hope that someone who is supposedly a follower of Christ such as yourself, would check the absence of facts in the articles regarding this matter before calling others intolerant "radicals". also calling upon the memory of Ronald Regan to elect a non-conservative sounds a bit phoney also. Maybe you better return to liberal blogger seminar writer school.

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