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November 23, 2010


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When are politicians going to stop being corrupt, self-serving beaurocrats who don'tcare about ANYTHING but their own hides?! The answer: We've got to keep OUR eyes and ears glued to their actions and most importantly USE YOUR VOTE as wisely as possible! KEEP THE HEAT ON!!!!


It is disheartening (but not surprising) to find out that Texas politicians are just like Washington politicians . . . we need to continue to clean all houses of slime -- keep cleaning every election cycle . . . and clean and clean and clean.

Jack Carstairs

Let's face it: Straus is a Democrat. Elected with Democrat votes.
A snake.
Kill snakes. Stomp 'em

Kenny G

Odds these goofballs will focus on real solutions to the problems of this state such as Transportation and a realistic, fair mechanism to fund public schools......about zilch.

wayne sheppard

Just another reason why Straus needs to be replaced. Paxton is a better choice.

John Melvin Dodd

I know Bryan Hughes to be a man of integrity and I have complete confidence in his report. I heard on the news today that Mr. Hopson said there wasn't enough evidence. There is certainly enough evidence for me to strongly encourage the 99 Republican members of the House to meet in caucus and select their candidate for Speaker, and that man should not be Joe Straus, who was elected in 2009 with the support of 65 Democrats.

James - Longdrycreek Ranch - Texas Panhandle, Formerly of Garland

Strass is Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and for life minded Democrats. Strass needs to be defeated because he is not a Republican but a RINO from San Antonio.
A beautiful city; a corrupt set of politicians, Dems and Republicans.
Out with the dirty water.


The Republicans are already fighting over power that they just received during the election. Texas has more important issues than the big egos of these elected officials. Two years more and we can change the diapers. Good government or goodbye.

Patrick O.Henry

Now Straus appts Larry Phillips to head of Transporation Committee? That's like appointing Charlie B. Rangel to head the another ethics committee.. So much for Staus "getting the message" - this is corruption playing out before the eyes of all Texans. Don't let this one stand!

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