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December 06, 2010


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Dave Williams

The most crucial part of modifying the behavior of the bullies is punishment of the perpetrators (detention, suspension, permanent record on report card, and/or forced transfer out).


Once again somebody seems to have completely missed the point. As an underweight / undersized person, I know bullying.
"and give school boards the power to transfer a student who is being bullied to another school or campus."
Why not transfer out the perp instead of the victim? Why not DEAL with the perp instead of the victim?
I will lobby my reps against this based upon it targeting the victim.

bill dickson

Actually, the current law only gives authority to transfer the victim if the victim's parent (are other person with authority to act on behalf of the victim) request a tranfer. Senator Davis' bill adds that the bully can be transferred upon the request by the victims parents.

Current law only gives the victim the right to leave. Davis' bill gives the right to force the bully to go.


I would like to keep tract of this bill. We are dealing with this at school, and I am not sure of all my rights as a parent of a bullied child..

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