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December 21, 2010


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Speaker Straus has no reason to be worried. It has been reported several times that the Speaker's race is over. Joe Straus is a tested conservative who has a proven to be a true leader. Conservatives understand it has been through the hard work of leaders such as Speaker Straus that we have been able to make historic gains in the Texas House, giving us a 101 seat Supermajority. In fact, if one looks at the list of the newly formed Tea Party Caucus, one will see that the majority of those individuals are proud Straus supporters! Conservatives DO support Speaker Straus!

Mike O

You know; the Straus troops really need to change up their talking point sheets more; the direct quotes of how conservative he is are getting pretty repetitious.
If he is so wonderfully conservative, why do all the Democrats support him? And how the heck could he possibly pay off for that support without arranging for some decidedly unconservative events to take place (like having the Voter ID bill die in committee again- like last time)?

And PLEASE don't claim there will be no political payment due; don't take us all to be ignorant of the ways of Austin.

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