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December 23, 2010


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Joe Straus is a strong leader and a good man who has earned a 2nd term as speaker. The majority of Texans recognize the accomplishments Mr. Straus has achieved, and are proud to support him in a second term. His religion has no place in this campaign and it is unfortunate that it has been made an issue, when the real issues of this campaign should Mr. Straus conservative record. He has fought hard to lower taxes for small business, protect the unborn, protect the 2nd amendmentm, reduce spending, etc. He is right man to lead this upcoming session.

Mike O

It's only anti-Semitic becauser that's how Straus's forces want to paint it; His faith was even known by most of the grassroots opposition before the silly claim of anti-Seitism was made by the Straus supporters. let's talk issues instead.

The Straus troops do really need to change up their talking point sheets more, though; direct quotes of how conservative he is are getting pretty repetitious.
If he is so wonderfully conservative, why do all the Democrats support him? And how the heck could he possibly pay off for that support without arranging for some decidedly unconservative events to take place (like having the Voter ID bill die in committee again- like last time)?

And PLEASE don't claim there will be no political payment due; don't take us all to be ignorant of the ways of Austin.


I believe Mr. Straus religious beliefs are no one business but Mr. Straus. And they do not impact is ability to led in a strong, conservative manner. He has shown what he is capable of getting things that are good for Texas accomplished, and he that is why he is my choice for Speaker. I have emailed my representative and asked he support Mr. Straus. I hope others will do the same.


I didn't even know he was Jewish until now. I've only been looking at his political accomplishments and platform.

Julia Montalvo

May I say that anybody that is different from some people in the Republican party may be a target for for some members in the Republican party.I was wondering when party will be changed to klan.The old ways do seam to be rising from the ashes of Confederate Union.


Oh please! Now the Neo-Cons are using the liberals last stand of racism?! How pathetic is that! Goodbye Mr Straus, you were never a conservative.

You might want to research your claims. Straus is definitely NOT pro-life and has proved that several times with his voting record and connections to planned parenthood.

When Joe was elected speaker last session he received 11 republican votes...and 65 democrat votes. That should tell you who Joe Straus is courting.

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