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December 23, 2010


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Funny how things change. Speaker Straus has earned a 2nd term as speaker and it is ridiculous that our elected officials are spending so much time protesting Speaker Straus when it has been made very clear that conservatives in Texas stand behind Speaker Straus. He has been a strong and effective conservative leader and is just the kind of man we need leading this session.

carter casteel

That is the Warren Chism that I know, love, snd with whom I served.


Texas legislators need to listen to what Texas Republicans have to say instead of listening to the special interest group nonsense that do not properly represent Texans. Texans stand behind Straus and the direction he is moving the state.

m gray

Why even bother with this lame political blog? It has not been updated in more than two weeks.

I hate that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has devolved into no better than a newsletter.

Except for the Sports Staff (consistently outstanding), the FWST is a joke.

The political staff is inept. The editorial staff uninformed. The day Bud Kennedy leaves, just throw dirt over the place.

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