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February 25, 2011


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Alberto Knox

Well, that is really irresponsible. Elected "leaders" shouldn't engage in unsubstantiated speculation like that. They know their words can drive the market and be a self fulfilling prophecy... not that any takes Perry that seriously.

Just another reason why he will never be a serious contender for the presidency.


Perry is a farmer, not an oil man. You may as well ask Justin Beiber.


And still our "president," that mad moonbat in the Oval Office and his horde of "green" orcs refuse to allow drilling on our coasts (and the Alaskan wilderness) except so far out as to render the drill sites very dangerous.


Spanking the President over drilling in the Gulf is a red herring, and irresponsible to boot. There is not the slightest chance that recovering all the available petroleum in the Gulf would bring the domestically produced portion of the US energy demand above 20%.

Oh, and well before oil reaches $300 a barrel, economies all around the world, including ours, will be well and truly decimated.



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