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March 23, 2011


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Tom Smith

As a victim of fraud in a brave new world where there are as many cheats, and panhandlers and carpet baggers as honest people, it is time for everyone to carry identification when they are out in the world.

Time to recognize that voting is a priviledge that belongs to the individual voter in their name only. Surely, if 12 million illegals can help themselves in this country, we can find a way to help those who are legally allowed to vote in this and do not have a driver's license or some other form of identification to obtain this.

For those who cannot vote and are not here legally. GO home.

Tom Smith

Wow! Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth

I do not want a leader who like this who is for fraud. There is way too much of that already.

We have too many leaders who have allowed the finance industry to run anok, for theives to steal private information so they can prey on consumers and for 15 million illegals to live in this country, may with false information stolen from U.S. Citizens. SHAME ON VEASEY AND HIS ILK who ran away last time the vote came up.

J Neary

The first time a person is denied a ballot because they are poor, or old or don't understand the process then their rights will be violated. We are giving up the rights we fought for in the 60's because the people in power and special interests want to make sure we can't have access to the system. This seems uncontitutional to me. Voters rights used to be a major issue, not in Texas? We are going backwards.

Ed Hino

what happened to the voting rights act ,doesnt this discriminate against folks right to vote in texas this is total bullchyt and rwingers know its discrimination at the highest levels in texas mexican americans and blacks dont vote go[p and this will some way stop this voting en masse for president obama or another deomocart we already have votring machines which can be hacked and elections stolen by rick perry and his texas gop party is intotla control of our government in austin this discriminatory against us texas citizens and vietnam veteranswho vote but hey i dont need prove whom i,m i,mm atexas born citizen and veteran i have noithing to hide gopers do


23,000 fraudulent voters was signed up by the corrupt and discredited ACORN organization in 2010. No wonder democrats are hysterically screaming about this bill, the only way they can win an election is through voter fraud

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