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May 25, 2011


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Senator Dan Patrick and 9/11 Conspiracy Nut Alex Jones - on the same side, preaching the same thing. With 'enemies' like this, Al Queda doesn't need friends!


COWARDS! Allowing the federal government to BULLY you into dropping a bill that you KNOW your citizens want.

You are truly pathetic! You had the opportunity to set the standard for all states to follow, but instead you peed your pants and said "yes master".

I am so disgusted, I can barely type.


People need to stop relying on politicians with no stones to solve the real problems. People should just abandon flying for a year. The problem would self-correct.


Joebobsmithttu is a troll that supports corporatism! he loves the tsa in his pants. what a useful idiot.


Cowards indeed! Stand up and be counted, bring it up for a vote so we can see who is for the citizens of Texas!!!

Jack Hays

Remember the days when brave men in Texas stood up for old women and children? We have allowed our most vulnerable citizens to be violated in the name of "security" while there is NO protection on our borders. Unfortunately, it's this kind of attitude that leads to tyranny. We are at war with radical islam, not grandma Jones or children in diapers.
I refuse to fly because of this groping crap devoid of common sense.


Now Federal agencies are telling state government how to vote by threats. I guess state govenments are no longer necessary. Isn't the President against bullying?


I guess the saying is now "Don't mess with Texas!(exception to the TSA to molest women and children)"

Dogs Rule

And I came to Texas on the off-chance that Texas would secede from the union. Fat chance now. Really, fat chance ever, but I guess I had to find out for myself. I want to go back to Wyoming. At least we have concealed carry there.

Miss Anthropissed

Dagnabbit. I was hoping for more nonstop flights from blue coast to blue coast without having to stop in Texas. But really, who's surprised? These are the same wimps whose marriages are so horribly threatened by gay marriage, no? Texas seems to be just a lot of hot air these past several decades....


i wonder if anyone went to infowars.com to find the real truth?


Delusional Lt. Gov. "Screw-loose" has done us all a big favor by becoming politically irrelevant a bit earlier than intended!


i heard you on the infowars show ronnie


The TSA probably had naked picts of him.

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