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May 02, 2011


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John Moon

Mr. President, George W. Bush, I want to thank you for paving the way toward the accomplishment of eliminating Bin Laden. I retired Army in March of 2009, served in Afghanistan for 8 months in 2008. Was proud to serve while you were my Commander in Chief! Thank you Sir for being an excellent President!

Cory Countryman

Good job Mr. Bush! Cory Countryman


Bush is an idiot .... he botched several opportunities to kill Bin Laden. You morons don't remember when Bush proclaimed Victory after bombing IRAQ. Bush doesn't know squat about Victory except when he receives his monthly government check. It's a Victory for him because he doesn't deserve a dime of tax payers money. He and Chaney already stole enough from us!

Jon McDonald

President George W. Bush is a patriot of the first order. Without his work and commitment, this never could have happened. Great work to Obama as well, a great achievement for both presidents, and the United States Military!

Rifkah Sikler

President Bush was and is a true Patriot. We never had to wonder if he loved his country and its people. He took unbearable criticism from persons who have spent their lives wondering how they look on television. His behavior post presidency illustrates the caliber of the man. I congratulate President Obama,the Military leadership, and the Navy Seals that risked their lives to complete this mission.God Bless America!

Ramona Hundley

George W. Bush dropped the ball when he attacked Iraq and forgot about Bin Laden. He was a failure as a president and should remain quiet in his retirement. The only thing that would of made this a more memorable event was if Bush would of been burried in the sea along side Bin Laden. Thanks to the Obama, justice for America has been served.


Thanks go to both former President Bush and President Obama; and certainly to all the men and women who have served in the armed forces during both of their administrations. No one person could have done this by themselves. Thanks be to God above all for keeping this country in his arms from then to now and allowing us to see this victory!


Congrats on a job well done President Bush! Thank you and all those involved for making this possible. You're a patriot, a champion and a fine example of an American.

Demetrius Kirkland

Bush ,Chaney and all of the GOP party is a bunch of theives that has brought our nation and our economy to an embarassing state of affairs globally,they should be empeached,and not congratulated.....

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