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May 18, 2011


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Ye Gads the famous jogging "dog shooter". Just what our Nation needs. It would mean instant re-election for President Obama.


No way. Perry is too dumb. Dumber than Bush.


If the Republicans nominate him they are throwing the election like they did with Palin. Perry is an idiot!

Eric Von Zipper

I came here to laugh at you libs and offer you all a cry towel.


Well, I like Perry better than the "front runners" like the RINOS, Romneycare, Mitch Daniels, etc. Perry is closer to a real conservative than any of them.

the d in big d

As usual, Rush is wrong. We all know what happened the last time an idiot Texas governor ran for president. The country still hasn't recovered from that debacle, and may never recover.


Here come the crazy moonbat liberals with their usual dumb comments. Civility is only needed when it's a liberal issue. Otherwise.......


He is Teflon Man, yep nothing sticks on him. A great reason to vote, he is not as bad as... I knew him before he was elected to office. I was not impressed then or now. He is not necessarily a conservative. He is an opportunist. You get what you vote for. As for the rest I am not impressed by them either. No towel please. I would rather drip dry.


ANYTHING is better than Barry Hussein Obama...ANYTHING!


AT least he will attract the pointy hat branch of the party, after all he was at the grand opening of their new Houston headquarters today.


First Question for rick at the debate:

rick, if you were President, and one or more states wanted to secede, would you endorse their actions and utilize the power of the Presidency to expedite their separation from the United States.


Then who?


Perry is an IDIOT!


Perry's not afraid of anyone and will stand on principal. He has been a great Govenor of my great State of Texas. He has gotten more done for our state than anyone in a long time. He had the guts to address Obama on many occasion with no reply from Obama. If your not a Texan than you can't understand who we are. We don't play around with nonsense like Obama. Biggest joke in America...Obama. Time for a real change!

Steve Howk

I see that there is no shortage of liberal idiots on this blog.Still blaming Bush,are we? Was Bush that powerful or is Obama that weak?


The ghost of Cameron Todd Willingham will be campaigning right along side if he tries to run nationally.

Uomo Del Ghiaccio

I agree that Rick Perry has the ability to generate some excitement, however I also feel that he is not the right candidate at this time to lead the nation. At the moment we need a very strong fiscal conservative who is willing to not press the social conservative aspects too hard.

We are at a crossroad where we will loose our country if we don't gain control of the financial mess that we are in. This needs to happen very fast.

The social issues can wait and should be addressed incrementally anyway. Social issues are won my the the hearts of people and not by force.

While Rick Perry would be better than Obama, he would only swing the pendlum from a Big Spending Liberal to a Big Spending Conservative.

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