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June 14, 2011


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More power to Chris Harris. English should be the official language of the United States. Kirk Watson is a real failure, socialist and supports illegial aliens.


I will certainly be laughing when the GOP nomine for président is unable to win in 2012 due to no Latino sopport in states like florida,new mexico,Colorado,nevada,verginia .


Juan Seguin, one of the founders of the Republic of Texas, spoke only Spanish in the Texas Senate. Texas has ALWAYS been a bilingual society since its inception as a republic.


Charles,what happen in 2010?

Holey Schnit

This isn't a matter of immigration, but ILLEGAL immigration. How is it a civil rights violation to not allow unfettered access into our country by any & all ILLEGAL immigrants? Why doesn't the media call out all the other countries in the world for civil rights violations? Look at immigration laws in Europe, Middle East, Far East, etc. MUCH more strict than the US. But Hispanic civil rights hacks & democrats never talk about this and encompass the entire issue as immigration and leave the key word out, ILLEGAL. It would damage their phony cause, which really, is to get more votes & more power to hold illegally AND legally immigrated hispanics down.

My sister in law immigrated from Mexico, so did her family and I have 3 close friends that immigrated here with their families, all LEGALLY, and they HATE the ILLEGAL immigrant. They did it the right way, the honest way, and are not well off by any means (why else would they come her). But worked there butts off to stake a claim as Americans.


Love him. In France, the official language is French. In Spain, it's Spanish. In Mexico, it's Spanish. In Russia, it's Russian. In the United States.... it's English. If you're going to immigrate to a certain country, you are expected to adapt to THEIR country and THEIR rules, not the rules and standards from the country that you CHOSE TO LEAVE. My grandmother immigrated here (legally) in 1946 and didn't speak a lick of English. But hey, she wanted to be an American, so she learned the language because she CHOSE to come here. She was not forced, and neither was this man. If I decided to pack up and move to France for a better life, first of all I would be extremely thankful and owe my life to that country for accepting me as a citizen. And I would be damn sure that my first priority upon arrival would be to learn the language and the customs of France. I would feel ASHAMED if I didn't. And if trying to pass legislature in France, I would sure as hell speak French. Poor education or not, 23 years in a country gives you no excuses to not learn the language, and learn it well.

Holey Schnit


Right on. Couldn't have said it better. Those in disagreement want to try and make this into a civil rights or racism issue b/c they are divisive and hateful and lack the common sense to know that no country can support this type of influx of ILLEGAL immigration. The costs are too great. Assimilation &/or adaptation to the local language, culture & customs is paramount for immigration to succeed.

I have no problem with LEGAL immigration, b/c the people who have immigrated contribute by paying into the system rather than only taking from it. Free education, emergency care, school breakfast/lunch, welfare programs, etc. for 10's of millions of people that are NOT contributing tax dollars to those programs. A system like that cannot be self-sustaining and is bound to fail.

Yo tambien hablo español

In the US Constitution there is no single word saying that English is the official language in the country. Everybody has to understand that English, since two centuries ago, is spoken in fact, not by rules. There is no official language in US as a whole country. By the way, Spanish was the first language spoken in this piece of land called United States, much sooner than English. Senator Harris is the one who is insulting that man by choosing to testify in his first language. I think the one with a problem is the Senator, who does not speak Spanish, not the man who is bilingual.

Matt Gordon

Sen Harris is an offensive vulgarian. Apparently it made the bully Harris feel good to embarass and scold the gentleman who spoke Spanish with an English interpreter. With his brusque tone, porcine presence and barely coherent syntax, Harris made it clear that the intent of the legislation discussed is intended only to marginalize, discriminate and divide the citizens of Texas. The intent of the bill is mean-spririted; to call it ‘public safety’ is both disingenuous and insulting.
- Matt Gordon, MD


AC wrote: "In France, the official language is French. In Spain, it's Spanish. In Mexico, it's Spanish. In Russia, it's Russian."
......... And in all of those, a person is free to speak in any language with a translator, so that their message can be heard. The (and I think grave) insult was by Senator Harris, not the man speaking.

Holey Schnit

Typical biased media. They won't print it, but it's in the video. The guy has been here since 1988! 23 YEARS! And still can't speak English? Would mexico cater to me it I wanted to address their gov't in English? Maybe the Congressman could have addressed this person differently, but he has a point. 23 YEARS?!? Come on, that's just ridiculous.

Holey Schnit


The problem is the senator who can't speak spanish? What nonsense is that? If the guy is bilingual, and the congressman doesn't speak spanish, then the guy speaking must be an idiot. Why try to make a point to someone in a language they don't understand, when you can speak a different language he would understand?

And spanish wasn't the 1st language. Cherokee, Sioux, Pawnee, Apache, etc. were the 1st languages of this country.

If you travel to a different country, isn't one of the reasons to experience that country's language & culture. Why expect it to be the same as the country you left behind. B/c if that country were so great that you want the new one to be the same, why leave at all?

Holey Schnit


You get a phone call one night, your child, wife, etc. has been killed by a drunk driver. The driver is here illegally, but since this bill is not in place, police cannot ascertain the person's immigration status. Therefore, they go to jail, make bail and flee home to, oh I don't know...mexico for example. Now the person is gone, for good. Mexican authorities aren't going to track the person down, and there is no justice to be found for the murder of your family member.

Unlikely story? It happens here everyday in Dallas/Fort Worth and in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and 100's of other cities throughout the border states.

Don't believe me? Google it, won't be hard to find. If the sanctuary bill had been passed, maybe justice would be served. Maybe would never have happened in the first place.

What is so wrong with having laws against allowing people to be in the US illegally? Every other country does it for a reason. Open borders won't work and is inherently dangerous. People hate this country, wish to exploit this country, etc. Many love it & want a better life here, I understand, but you have to protect them & the citizens of this country from those that want to do us harm & exploit the system. And I don't want to hear any bull about every illegal immigrant is here to make a better life for their family. There are just as many, if not more, that want to come hear to do bad things. Just last week, police found a mass grave in south TX from all the drug wars along the border. Like I said, it's an everyday occurrence down here, so it is about public safety. Don't think so? Move down to the southern border of TX, NM, AZ or CA.


so Spanish is his first language.. ok.. then maybe he needs to be paid in Peso's since that was his first currency too. But naturally, we're all racist if we don't follow the destruction of our Constitution. Oh well!

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