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June 29, 2011


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I am no fan of Obama but I would vote for Obama before Perry. Perry is the biggest jack@$$ I have ever seen.


No one believes these fabricated left wing polls anymore.


... and expect that margin to grow

Billy Riddle

As a Republican, I want Dick Perry to run for President, so he can get the heck out of Texas. He is mean enough to get the deficit under control by any means necessary(Sorry Grandma), and is pro-Israel(as compared to the Obamanation).


That is because he would have to leave as governor. Everyone knows this.

"Hello" "who would you vote for? Obama or Perry?" "Does that mean Perry would leave the most successful state in the nation? With a net 732,000 new jobs added while he was governor? While no other state has topped 100,000?" "That's correct sir" "HELL NO! F the white house! I want perry here! NO Im not voting for Perry to leave!"

What a joke! Obama is the worst president ever! Mickey mouse could kick Obama's a$$


Bachmann viewed most favorably? She stated with a straight face the biggest lie in all of recorded history: "Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism." If anyone still believes that, God help us all. Real Capitalists will support Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. GOP Marxists will definitely favor Bachmann or Palin.


Rick Perry - bad for Texas, WORSE for the nation.

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