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June 29, 2011


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Helen from TX

Perry is destroying Texas, please don't let him destroy our entire country to boot!


I would not put any stock in some biased liberal poll that McClatchy-Marxist does. Obama is one and done.

Jake from TX

@ Helen - please explain in detail how Perry is destroying Texas? In what sense?


New Bilderberg darling.

CL McFarland

Perry has screwed up Texas...please don't elect him President of our country. Perry was the one that approved of Beck moving to Texas and Perry has the back bone of a turtle.

SD Fincher

What poll? Anybody here asked to participate in any poll?

BTW, Perry has had to fix what Bush messed up in Texas.


Perry and his cronies just agreed to cut 4 billion from Texas education...Texas is 20 billion in the hole and you think Perry would be good for the US??? I wish he would just go away...now!


How is he destroying Texas? He did not tell anyone of the hole we were in until he was elected and then slapped us all in the face with it. Trust this, you may not have children in the public school system, or children on medicaid or you may not need medicare or help with mental health but when these two years have gone past there will be a long lasting dent in the future of our state. This dent will ripple out to everyone who lives in Texas whether you are immediately impacted at this moment or not. I am a teacher, a parent, and a recent graduate of a University with my masters degree. I am feeling this now, and will feel it for the rest of my life because it will hurt my children, and my own future.

Dennis Mix

that is what we need another Tex. Biggot running for the white house.I never seen a bigger bunch of crooks in this country than here in texas.

Dennis Mix

Yes we must get permisson from the Gov.

Buford T. Justice

Just another left wing poll taken from inner city drones. Made by lib journalists to appeal to an illiterate audience.

Actually, it's nothing more than another Dem's wet dream rebroadcast by the "Lame Stream" media.


Yeah ,!!!Like this all illigal emigrant,4 biillions , stop to suck texas blood and $$$ ,You got my vot !!! Perry !!! GO HOME ILIGALS ,I personal drove the buss to the borders!!!!Maybe like this our kids will get moore education and save the 4 bilions ,,,,,,

Truth Hurts

What part of B-R-O-K-E do you people not understand? No, everything just grows on trees and we can drive to the store and get what ever .... The tax payers are BROKE and can't pay NO MORE. There are NO jobs for MANY and you blame ONE person? You don't even comprehend how government works, let alone how an economy does. Grow up and face reality. Living off or making the "government" your (apply to all who do) source of "career" is what has destroyed our country. But no, you have to scapegoat. Believe me, the CONGRESS and all bureaucrats of every stripe have been raping and pillaging for way too long. Then add in multi-millions of ILLEGALS and all welfarists - what do you have? A DESTROYED country. You had better know how to live off the land, for sure.


Obama should be VERY worried. More than 50% of the country has already made up their mind not to vote for him. If he can't get more than 50% now against basically nobody, he will never get to 50%.

Tea Party Junkie

Best Governor in America. More private sector jobs created under Rick Perry than all other states combined.

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