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July 22, 2011


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The only affront to minorities here is by this political party USING them as an excuse to file a counter against this redistricting.

This has NOTHING to do with minorities (like, when was the last time any party gave 2c about them except for votes) and EVERYTHING to do with gaining votes in a district.



Awesome here here to Wendy Davis and Veasey!


I bet little Wendy wouldn't have her job were it not for redistricting when the Democrats had the majority. Davis' district is as gerrymandered as any in the state, all to make sure a Democrat gets elected. And she did.

Redistricting is only unfair when the other political party is drawing the maps. When it's YOUR turn, it's a great thing. Considering the Republicans have the votes to really punish the Dems this time, they were remarkably kind.


You know, for a first-term senator, Davis is turning out to be quite the stateswoman. We need more like her!


Gee, what "minority" group does Davis belong to? SOCIALIST? Power hungry leftist? I guess they believe they were annointed to their position.

Rick Railey

I am a constituent of Wendy Davis who feels regularly disenfranchised. Every time the women opens her mouth the words “minority representation” are secreted. And as a “Texas Anglo” I know she doesn’t mean me.

What happened to MY representation and why does she always try to divide her constituents by race? And how does redistricting,” harm the ability of minority voters to meaningfully participate in elections"? That somehow the people of District 10 will no longer have voting rights?

Ms. Davis and Mr. Veasey do a disservice to the honor, values, and integrity of all their constituents by ASSUMING they only vote based on race. What ever happened to “diversity”? It’s time for Senator Davis and Representative Veasey to go!

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