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July 21, 2011


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How soon people forget:

April 15, 1970
Plight of 3 Apollo 13 Crewmen Stirs World Interest

In the United States there was an outpouring of prayer, and here and there some expression of bitterness, too, that man was reaching toward space without having first solved the problems on earth.

Both the Senate and House passed resolutions yesterday asking all Americans to pray, at 9 o'clock Eastern standard time last night, for the safe return of their countrymen. And they urged businesses and communications media to pause briefly, if they could, for the prayers at that hour.

Special services and masses were called for in thousands of churches and synagogues around the country -- at St. Patrick's Cathedral and St. Thomas Episcopal Church and Temple Emanu-el in New York City, for example.

Rabbi Abraham Gross, president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, called on all clergymen to pray for the safe return of Apollo 13, and, in Baltimore, Frank Gunter Jr., Maryland chairman of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, asked all residents of the state to observe a minute of silent prayer at 4 P.M. yesterday.

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