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August 09, 2011


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Randy Thompson

Yes this worked well for the last right wing crazies, Newt!

So the S&P says Obama was right, the deal needed revenue, and now the T-Party wants to impeach the president for being right! And our good doctor goes along with them.

The good doctor if I'm correct has never seen a war he did not like, a super rich tax cut he did not like, and then of course there is the debt busting Medicare unfunded drug bill giving BigPharma wind fall profits he voted for. Now he sides with the crazies in his party and wants to impeach the president?

The crazies have taken over the Grand Old Party.


There are so many legitimate reasons - crimes - to impeach Obama, it's absolutely stunning that no one is pursuing this justifiable action. Nothing other than a fear of being call "racist" and "bigot," which is becoming a badge of honor nowadays, considering who is using these political terms.

Rolf Asphaug

Thanks to Congressman Burgess for at least being candid about his cynical, partisan motivation behind his ridiculous suggestion to impeach President Obama.

Burgess doesn't even have the slightest clue as to WHY President Obama should be impeached. He can't think of any articles of the Constitution that Obama has violated. He knows there's not a snowball's chance in hell of impeachment succeeding.

Yet he still wants to get some sort of impeachment resolution drawn up because it will - as he so candidly puts it - "tie things up."

In other words, Burgess hopes that an impeachment proceeding will obstruct things even more.

Republicans like Burgess have been all about obstructionism, hatred and disrespect for the President, and narrow partisanship, to the detriment of our country. Republicans like him are to blame for the unnecessary downgrading of our bond rating. Right now we would have had a "Grand Bargain" that would have involved real, serious entitlement reform - if only these Republicans would have compromised on the issue of raising some taxes that would also have gone towards reducing the deficit.

Burgess should be ashamed of himself - but he and his Tea Party ilk are, quite literally, shameless. They have no shame whatsoever. The birth certificate line of attack has fizzled out? Fine, let's impeach Obama on charges we haven't even figured out yet. It's disgusting, unpatriotic, and un-American.


Pardon me, but doesn't someone need to actually commit a crime, in order to be impeached? (Specifically, doesn't the Constitution call for a "high crime or misdemeanor?")

Obama may be hopelessly inept and incompetent, but I am not aware of any crimes he may have committed.


Once again, Rep Burgess proves he has no business in governing. I have watched him at congressional hearings over the years. He has consistently proved to be a shill for big pharma, oil/gas industry, and health insurance co(not unlike a lot of fellow legislators). Now he wants to impeach the president because he does not agree with his policies? One would expect a honest, level-headed legislator to tell the truth to his constituents who may be ignorant of the facts.

I did not see him raise any objections about an unpaid for war in Iraq; enacting an unpaid for medicare part D; or the unpaid for tax cuts of 2001/2006! He actually voted for these budget-busting debacles.

I pray for the day we will get the people the country deserve in congress, those who will put country first.
And this is coming from one physician to another.


Perhaps... most likely the yin to the yang of the communists who have been running the Democrat party.

D Cranford

S & P didn't say the Pres was right, they said he didn't cut enough spending. Why do you continue to talk trash and lies when reality is at your feet. The democrats can't run a snow cone operation, much less a government.Could you run your household if you made $40,000 a year and spent $58,000, really for how long. Stop the party crap and just admit we only have conservatives and liberal, and the liberal are ruining the economy. Lone live the fiscal conservatives


Mr. Cranford, Bill Clinton took America from a huge deficit (run up by the great Reagan and Bush I) and turned it into a surplus and we had the best economy we have seen in 30 years. Bush II turned that surplus into a deficit in less than two years and let it grow to the biggest deficit ever and the economy crashed. Also, lest you forget, the Wall Street bailout happened under Bush. Obama has not done well, but you are either too young to remember your history or too ignorant to care. I think maybe the Republicans ought to stick to snow cone stands and leave governing to the adults.

Anne Stickles

I think it is a good idea to impeach Obama, because of this recent activity.


Annie - what "activity"?

I'm not sure you're aware, but being President isn't a "high crime or misdemeanor."


This is exactly why every one of the incumbents need to be removed over the next few election cycles. Burgess you are nothing but a no good tool for these radicals called the Tea Party. If these idiots had any ideal what was at stake August 2nd they would hang their heads in shame. This is all still fallout from our beloved Bush2 reign and their to stupid to realize it. Good freaking grief!

enrique gallegos

Mr. Burgess and the Tea-Party need to accept responsability for their actions because it is because of their actions our Country is in the situation we are in. Americans are not nieve, we are capable of reading between youractions and methods of back-stabing.From day one the right wingers have made an effort to rid this country of its first Black elected President,we willremember this in 2012. The Republicans have stone-walled or blocked every issue The President and the Senate have brought forward just to make Mr. Obama look as a failure in the eyes but it won't work this time.


"Lone live the fiscal conservatives."

Ah yes, the fiscally conservative GOP that gave us the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, massive tax cuts, Medicare part D, a collapsing financial system and our first trillion dollar budget deficit in the budget passed just weeks after Bush left office. All hail the fiscal conservatives!

Much of that "reckless spending" by Obama has been to pay for unemployment benefits for people laid off during Bush's Great Recession. But let's all just pretend it's all Obama's fault and Republicans had nothing to do with it. I think some of us are a little smarter than that.


FDR got rid of billionaires because they bought and paid for legislating their interest / monopolies. Since 1980, billionaires have been fighting back by paying the ilk like Fox News to influence the weak minded, like the TP's. The result is fewer jobs at lower pay, higher prices, dirtier air, food, and water, and a loss of a big chunk out of our 401K's. Good Grief! Take responsibility, responsible R's!

Charlotte L. Taylor

We have been bugging our senators for impeachment of Obama - if any other president had done what Obama has done he would have been impeached before the noon meal was served! Just because this one is black - he gets away with it all! Every man has to live on his own merits black, white or brown with purple polka dots! Not just because he is black or white! If it were Alan West in there - you would not be having these problems - I believe he truly loves America whereas Obama does not and has made no bones about it!

ed brown

Any reason why this impeachment business did not occur under bush. It was his mess that was passed on. The president said when he was elected that it would get worse before it got better. This man inherits two wars, corrupt wall Street and cronies who made hundreds of millions of dollars (how soon you forget) ,health care, and also issues that your lovely past president failed to deal with because he did not want to deal with the heat. Thats why you have not seen the man or heard a peep out of him.I never hear the Tree party come up with any constructive ideas-besides tax breaks for the well to do. Flat tax across the board for everyone !!!!If you aint got nothing good to say or constructive ideas go take a coffeee break .Spare me the ignorance that comes out of your prejudice mouth. You are who we thought you were !!!!

Joanne Solmon

Seriously, The Tea Party and the Republicans want to impeach President Obama?? If that is the case, why aren't GWB, Cheney and Rumsfeld and the entire Bush adminitration sitting in some prison someplace? Something doesn't make sense here.

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