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August 30, 2011


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LaMont Moore

Perry is still running on George Bush policies, what is it that he has done for Texas that he himself have implemented.

LaMont Moore

Was placing vita pro in texas penal system dumb, is making dumb remarks about texas leaving the union in the 21St century dumb, yes I think so Thats dumb .




Bet the Obama Administration is seething on that one!


tricky ricky dumb?Hardly.We,the people Of Texas are the dumb ones for having this guy anywhere near the capital.
Dumb would be anyone that would vote for this crook thinking he could actually save the country and turn around our problems.
Dumb are those that think this guy really cares about anyone but himself.Dumb?The list goes on.


Rick Perry is not dumb. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware America. Some of us in Texas already have him figured out. He outright lied to us, the voters, when he successfully ran for his 3rd term as govenor by promising us he would not run for President. How many other lies has he told us? Too many to count on both hands!


perry is a little arrogant but so is obama. obama has never admitted to doing anything wrong, he has never admitted to do anything right either. Nothing he does works !!!!

Bob Barker

So he did not answer the question. Perry is dumb he is a tool for special interests. The insurance industry has Perry in their back pocket. TX has the highest rates for homeowners and car insurance in the nation and some of the lowest reimburesment rates. Combne that with a weak spinless insurance regulation agency and you get a total screwing for consumers. Perry has presided over the largest raping of taxpayers by ANY Govenor in the history of TX. The only thing that has kept him in office is the loyalty of the Religious right and their freinds in corporate America. If Perry is elected he will be a bigger disaster than Bush II.


Rick Perry is another George W Bush but smarter. He is and has been under the same Religious wing and will do his best to make his religion America's under law.
Vote for anyone but this man.

Billy Davis

Rick Perry is dumb so what's the problem?

Larry Proctor

Rick Perry, Dumb. Not hardly.He is an absolute idiot. A Texas voter who voted for him the first term. Not since nor forever more!

Walter Bowman

Perry is not dumb. He has conned the people of Texas for years and given the chance, he will make the USA a socialist country. Only super rich and super poor.


If that's all that Hannity has to bring up against Perry, then Perry has already won. He better come at him with something stronger than grades if he wants to faze Mr Perry

enrique gallegos

If MR. Perry wins the nomination I pray that he reconsider his desire to become President and insread concentrate his efforts in becoming a Pastor in his local church.We can not allow Mr. Perry with his mind set to become the Leader of our Union.

Joyce Brown

Rick Perry is definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing. He's a manipulating liar. He's screwed Texas long enough, don't let him take it to another level by screwing the entire United State of America.

alvin mayeaux

Under Rick Perry as President .... You are on your own ... if you don't have the financial means to survive when things get bad or your kids want a better life and education ... don't count on Repubs and Slick Ricky. We know what these Repubs are about and still we support them .. this country is asking for failure

alvin mayeaux

Repub Canter .... doesn't want to help those in need during this once in a life time catastrophy from Irene that has ruined and taken many lives. What is this country comming to ...I can't believe it .. I really can't ...God Bless us all


Dumb as a stump -- I'm embarrassed that he's our governor and he's a graduate from A&M. The only rhetoric and plan he spouts: "create jobs" and "bash Washington/the President". Do you want his finger on the button??? I doubt he knows where Libya is.

Alberto Knox

And as we all know, Gov, gut instinct beats book learnin' any day, Right?

arfing more ron...


I was just hoping that he couldn't hold the governor seat and run for president of the usa. will you leave already?


"Perry for President" I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Brad Warren

Since Obama took office, 46% of the jobs created in the US were in Texas. That is all Perry has to keep saying because this election is ONLY about jobs and the economy. Homer Simpson could beat Nobama if he knew how to create jobs.


Didn't know Perry scared you Dems so much, so soon. The vitriol level alone speaks to the fear. Keep it up, though. Such unfair ugliness usually rebounds to help the victim of the attack, rather than form a negative opinion about him.

As a native Texan, I've watched Perry up close for some time and find him to be a genuine fiscal conservative, maybe even a little too much so. He is tighter than a duck's a$$ on spending--the real McCoy on small government. But with the state our nation is in, you could argue that's exactly what is needed.

He has made Texas the job creation wonder of the US, not only by keeping taxes low, but more importantly by making it clear we welcome commerce in this state. Part of that is not letting bureaucratic red tape and the more ridiculous and worst parts of regulators run wild, like they do currently in Obama's America. This not only adds costs, but worse, it adds UNCERTAINTY. That is what is killing job creation right now.

Sensible rules are fine. Idiotic ones drive employers not only out of each state, but even out of the country. The health care overhaul nonsense is only the worst example of this. We create STABILITY for companies in Texas. They therefore know with some certainty what the rules of the road will be, and what it will cost to operate. We will never have jobs return to the US as a whole until this attitude of business environment certainty (like here in Texas) returns to the country at large.

This is the part of Rick Perry that will truly help jobs return if he gets elected as President. When employers don't have to worry that the EPA, the FCC, the labor department, or the new "free" health care-for-everybody "govt. helpers" aren't going to put them out of business, they will feel confident to rehire and expand more.

Whether one likes Rick Perry or the other candidates or not, this country won't economically withstand another four years of failed O'Keynesian stimulus policies. Or withstand Obama's veto on Congressional efforts to finally getting it's hands around entitlement reform, before it's too late.

So vote for ANY alternative to Obama who can win. As hard as it is for me to admit it, I'd rather have Hillary than four more years of Obama. (You have no idea how hard it was to type that last sentence.)

Rex Talmage

I notice you don't post any who favor Perry -- no guts? ALL your posts say he's 'dumb'. Maybe, if all you consider is how 'intellectual' he is, but I'll run him up against BHO any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. He has the practical WISDOM of 10 BHO's. He's busted a gut to keep a balance between aetheism and religion in our schools; he's created several times more jobs than any other state; and he believe's in the same home values as 90% of our country. He's the BEST for home, education, and jobs -- what more could you want?


This post was amusing: “Do you want his finger on the button??? I doubt he knows where Libya is.”

Of course, a little research on the Governor would have shown that, as a decorated US Air Force pilot (not a job for the intellectually challenged, mind you), Capt. Rick Perry flew missions for several years in the Middle East before returning to Texas and the farming business with his Father. I’m pretty sure he has a solid grasp on geography along with a strong vision for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. He served.

That small family farm, by the way, became a highly profitable business due to Mr. Perry’s hard work and skills in the commerce arena.

More than anything, unlike the Bush Clan, Rick Perry is a genuine Texan. He isn’t a Skull and Bones, Connecticut-born Yalie, he’s a graduate of a State School. He’s a veteran. He’s a successful farmer and a proven politician. He hasn’t lost an election yet, and I am counting on him continuing his streak.

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